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New Business Logo - Critique/Suggestions

Hi guys,

Basically I have just launched my own garden services/lawn care/tree surgery business. Everything happened quite fast due to being made redundant from my previous job and I needed to get an identity out there quick. So I put together a logo in a couple of days and I've already had it made into business cards so I can start passing them out.

Here it is as the front and back of my current business cards as they are currently.

What I am essentially asking for help with is the general shading of the character as I'm just not quite happy with it. Some bits look ok and convincing enough as a cartoonish metallic and other bits like the shading on his chest just doesn't feel right. Obviously if anyone can offer a quick mockup of suggestions I go go back in and easily change things. It's all vectors done in Photoshop (don't use Illustrator though I know I should).

The font is also a placeholder for now. I wanted something to fit the theme, be easily legible and not over the top. If anyone thinks they may have a good font suggestion that would be good too (of course I will purchase a license).

Obviously I can explain some of the reason for the character choice if people really must know/or are interested. Nothing convoluted, a few simple reasons. I mostly didn't want to be generic.

Thanks in advance.
Also, I forgot to say - once I make a ver2.0 I will get more cards made up of course, however I will also be having it made into a decal for my van and for t-shirt prints. My uniform t-shirt and van are both blue, like this background colour so that has to be kept.

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I think these look really good as they are, I suspect there are loads of crap vista print business cards being handed around by your competitors, yours will already stand out above the rest.

If it was me I would spend any spare time putting them through doors rather than tinkering with an already decent design.

If you ever need a re-print > http://www.graphicdesignforums.co.uk/threads/print-offers-for-gdf-members-only.7486/ ;)


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The illustration looks great to me.

All I would say is that the name needs to be bigger and bolder - the illo is lovely, but it's your name
that should stand out. Maybe caps would be better too. Also, does it have to say Fife?

I know you like the blue, but the colours generally look a bit insipid, and don't say 'gardener' to me.
Have you tried leaving the character as he is, but with stronger colours around him, such as that blue as the sky?
That would let you have the text in a darker colour.
Thanks for the feedback guys. Maybe I've looked at it too much and i'm just nitpicking?

Boss Hog - i'll maybe have a look at prints through your GDF scheme. Prices look reasonable, I did however get a deal with all the same specs for a little cheaper. If their price goes up I'll review this.

Wardy - I will pump the font size/boldness up a little next time as I agree it is probably a little on the thin side. I purposely avoided the stereotypical green colour scheme that people tend to use for garden services. I wanted to stand out from that, but I included a little greenery (subtly) in the background to keep that suggestion there. The Fife thing is the region I work in so it helps with general marketing. I wanted the focus on the character so the BG is muted and it enabled me to add a blue tone to the character to give him more visual interest (grey metal was boring).

Hank - It's all vectors so it scales down quite nicely. I have the business cards already and to be honest I was really impressed with how it works on such a small scale. It really does stand out from others when put up on a notice board.


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See in your Avatar, and at smaller sizes online, or even for printing at small sizes like that (perhaps a sponsor at an event would produce lots of logos side by side)

You can see your text is getting a bit lost.

For small sizes, really small and online, I'd recommend thickening the font and adding a bit of extra space between the letters.

In printing, at small sizes, text can break up when printed lithographically, if it's too thin and the plate cannot support that size.