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New Business Cards - advice.


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I want to get some new cards printed, I’ve got two mock-ups here with the front and back designs on the left and right respectively. I wasn’t sure whether to stick with purple I’ve associated with Wac Design so far, or go for a selection of colours. Which one do you prefer?
I should mention on the front of the card the paint drips will be have u.v. spot coating and the Wac Design will be completely u.v.



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I prefer the purple on its own. the only thing that sticks out at me is that the curve on the coloured bits of the detailed side are different.

i like the idea though.


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ill be honest wac as theres no point being polite. Im not a fan of either. if i had to pick it would be the purple but i think u can do much better. There doesnt seem to have been much thought given to the design. The back is basic and TomStutt is correct, the curves all differ. Also you dont say what u do, is is graphic design, web design etc.

The front also seems to miss the point. Why is there paint splatted across it? Do you work with paint in your work? And why is the 'W' of wacdesign a different font to the rest?

Hope you dont think im being harsh, I just think u can improve this and give potential clients a better idea of your skills and what you do. Dont give up tho!


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I would agree with dave, not sure about the "w", the barnd properties of the w could really be exploited a lot more., The paint technique has overtaken the brand graphic. You'll be spending a fair bit extra on the UV, I would spend a bit more time on the idea and strategy of the card before spending dosh. Pleasing design - but design over idea.
If after the crit you decide to roll with it anyway, can I at least suggest that you vary the lengths of the strips on the details side instead of having them run in steps? It'd match the style of the paint side more.

I agree with some of the above too - The rounded corners need to match on all bars, I guess you've stretched in illy and the curve has stretched with it.

Maybe too if you are fixed on the concept, flip the card up to portrait, have the paint looking like it's all coming from one source and run that wider purple strip up the back, and then you could maybe do something where the logo has paint drips on it - tying it together a lil more?

Don't get carried away with nice finishing techniques until you are satisfied it is warranted and will embellish the design.

Cheers mate


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Cheers for the feedback thus far guys. Tom well spotted on the curves, I’ll be doing the cards from scratch when before they go to print so I’ll make sure all of the colours, shapes and spacing are correct.

Dave, your absolutely right the card definitely needs a “graphic/web/print” type addition.

Berry, the Wac Design text has always had the custom ‘W’ but maybe it’s time to reassess that as well as part of the rebranding thing (has anyone got the number of the agency that design for Gap?)

Jamie, looking at it I agree the info areas on the reverse should be of different lengths to match the front.


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Might be a bit cliche, but the paint splatters might make more sense in cyan, magenta, yellow and black, to represent the four printing inks.


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TomHolmes said:
Might be a bit cliche, but the paint splatters might make more sense in cyan, magenta, yellow and black, to represent the four printing inks.
Then people might think he's a Printer and not a designer

Personally the whole ink/paint thing has been done to death, can get away with it if you're a printed but if you're advertising yourself for design then I would steer clear.

Don't rush your design or idea, otherwise you end up with hundreds and hundreds of business cards you don't like. Trust me, i've done it many a time before, until finally the ones I have now I love, and they took me about 6 months to finally decide they were the ones I wanted to get printed