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New Armadillo website


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The slideshow has problems aligning in Safari, we're working on that now. Perfect in Firefox. I'll knock some heads!


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Hi Berry,

Overall, a big improvement on the previous site, which was starting to look a bit dated IMO.
A few minor issues you may want to look at:

- Rachel is spelt 'Rachel' on the team page but 'Racheal' on the big quote photo.

- There seems to be a favicon (white A on black) for the Blog but not the main site?

- If I was a new visitor I might have some confusion over the name/identity, eg. the website URL is armadillo-creative.com (why haven't you gone with the non-hyphen .co.uk btw? "62% believe a .co.uk address suggests a company is local or more relevant than a .com"), you then have the name/logo simply as ARMADILLO, then there's "thecreativedigitalagency.com" in the footer? Will this be part of a move to a new name?

- I think it would be good to have the sub-nav arrows appear on click of the nav items, as when I first clicked 'WORK' I was waiting for a new page to load or something more obvious to happen?

- Really like the big work images, just seems a shame you need to scroll to get to them on the Work pages, I think the team/quotes images work well on the homepage, but not convinced on having them on every page myself. I think the way the Blog is set out works better, it draws your eye down the page and into the content, wonder if something similar could be done with the work pages to have the same effect?

Hope some of that is useful, overall a big improvement :)
I like the overall aesthetic of the site but it feels a little unfinished and mixed. I feel that on the homepage, you should maybe loose the people and large white space and incorporate the lower elements higher up on the page... if that makes sense.

I think it still needs work, possibly refining, but I like the overall aesthetics of the elements used.
looking good Berry. Firstly it can be spelled Racheal so I'm all good there.

For me the first half of the page seems quite cluttered, I seem to be drawn to the idea that the image of the person should be on the right and the items to the right should be aligned to the left (the slogan would fit in better with the logo then), but hey that's just me.

I agree with Greg on the big images for work as I did get a little confused when clicking to view the work via the navigation as I expected a new page to load, perhaps have an anchor on the slideshow so you don't have to scroll down when clicked?

One other small thing is that the map could be zoomed in more to your location, just enough so it shows the country border and also surrounding city names.

Otherwise, love the colour scheme, simple but really works and use of imaging is brilliant. Great work Berry.


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Maybe it's me but I think it needs an 'edge' defining on the white parts. I know white space can play it's own role but on my screen I just think it needs a little more defining.

The < symbol could be a bit thicker too as I almost missed it on the 'team' page.

I wanted to click the white A on the black background

I was kind of expecting the headings 'digital, brand and marketing' on the homepage to link to something but they don't do anything

I also kind of missed the sub menu pop up after clicking 'work' etc and only noticed it when nothing else happened


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I'm afraid I'm really not keen. Brief perusal at work gave:

  • Nothing lines up (see attachment).
  • SCS logo (on a grey bg?!) looks really out of place and tacky.
  • Loads of clutter.
  • No hierarchy.
  • Pages loads really slowly (seems you're using a lot of images which could be better optimised (or replaced with @font-face for text))
  • No clear path makes it hard to navigate.
  • Poor use of space above the slideshows (on 1280x1024 and all I can see is what's in the screenshot).
  • Poorly 'shopped iPad stuff looks wrong (especially considering it's actually clipped).
  • Type needs work (namely the measure is too long).

  • Having numbers per each circle in the JS slideshow is very inaccessible, it should contain the title of the piece of work.
  • Doesn't work without JS.



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Thanks for your comments, For once I can't turn into Green Berry. We're busy tweaking things now.
I will take your comments on board and review. cheers BB


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Aside from the technical and alignment issues listed above (it displays like a mess on the old iphone), I like the overall style you're going for. Mainly the large image format (which seems to be all the rage these days, about time too) and the "Team" page which adds a chuckle as well as the incorporation of team members' images and quotes throughout the site works very nicely I think. I also prefer how the Blog is more integrated with the rest of the website now instead of feeling like a completely separate entity as before. The whole thing is simpler, cleaner, and more to the point than the previous website. Although I can't help but miss the bleeding stone a little bit. Ah well things move on.

It's a shame you couldn't have streamlined the URL in the same way by nabbing "armadillo.com", unlucky that Armadillo Homes beat you to the punch.


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Jim, there will be special mobile site by Friday that if you log on via a mobile will recognise that and direct you to the m. site. It will be similar but more mobile friendly designed.
Havent read other replies, but i really like the site. I think its fresh and clean.

I hate going to websites and you don't know where to start, with this it works seamlessly.

Great job.

Chris Lambe

CTL Designs