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New Apple mouse


Staff member
I would like one too but I rarely use my powermac at home (use mbp instead) and I doubt my boss will be shelling out over £200 to eqip us all! lol.
I've been using it this week and what a vast improvement over the previous nighty mouse. Has anyone else tried one yet?
Yea, went round some blokes house at lunchtime and he was showing it off, flash git.:icon_wink:

I will get one for my mbp eventually, as I can't get on with trackpads, and always have a mouse plugged in.
It is down on my xmas list, not essential but it does look good, like the gestures you can use with it too.

Got to be honest though its abit pricey for a mouse, but then Apple have managed to balance that innovation, design and desirability thing again.
Still loving it. I had to use the wired mighty mouse the other day while the batteries charged. It feels huge and cumbersome to me now. Oooerrr Missus!