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New agency site, any thoughts?


I've recently joined a new agency and obviously the first task was to tackle the agency site itself. I've had a pop at it and it's semi-live at the moment.

I wonder if you guys could give me some feedback, maybe something I've missed along the way etc. I asked a while back about my personal portfolio and some really good points came out of it so though I'd give it another shot.


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Showcase - about - news - contact need to highlight in the same way (even if they dont drop down) as the other links along the nav.

The accordion section on the main page feels useless, if its not a key feature it's not usually a good idea to have it in my opinion.

Otherwise I like it :)


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Agree with the highlight thing mentioned above.

Trouble is I neither like it or dislike it. I can't really form much of an opinion about it, which I always find is a worse reaction than dislike.

It feels a little generic to me. I think you need to inject a bit more branding or personality into it all. Sorry I can't be more specific.


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It's ok....which is as Ken said, dunno if that is good or bad.

I like some of the work produced, just unsure if the site has a Wow factor.
Home page is missing something. the Branding is so so, everything is a bit ok. neither great or crap.
No real personality...Too safe. i think you should/could push the boat out a bit further and make everyone really sit up. As an agency site it should be a showcase to reflect your brand and creed.
It kinda falls in between the cracks. be Black or White but never Grey.


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I like it, but its a safe bet.

Like other have said it doesnt stand out and I doubt it'll leave a mark.
Firstly a huge thanks to everybody that gave feedback, some great points there and something we will definitely look at.

Great point about the highlighting of the menu, something I had overlooked so we'll aim to get this into the next version.

I think the general point about being a bit generic is a thought that I actually share so know where you are coming from. We have the pleasure of dealing with some blue chip clients and generally speaking those controlling the purse-strings (specifically in the digital marketing arena) want simple facts rather than artistic flair. I think right now we are happy with professional but generic and we'll put more emphasis on being remarkable in version 2.

Again, huge thanks, makes seeing what is need for the future that much clearer!


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Remember our opinions are just opinions ( ....apart from mine that are commandments carved in stone! ) As a business/ agency you have to be comfortable with your own skin.