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NEW Adobe's CS4



Calibre Designs said:
What could they possibly add that wasn't covered in CS3...
My thoughts exactly. The price is crazy for what you actually get for your money.

To be honest is there really anything else they can add to make these worth buying again or paying to upgrade?


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Dont get me started with Adobe's prices.

Sweet mother of god they take the p*** - they are the kings of charging the "atlantic" tax to us lot. bloody *** ***** * * *****


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mike said:
they are the kings of charging the "atlantic" tax to us lot.
I saw on the Adobe site they have a section where people can put forward suggestions for the Adobe CS in general then visitors can vote them up the page, when I looked at it one of the most popular was leveling the prices of US and UK.

Anyone planning on getting CS4?
I'm still on CS2 myself! Has anyone gone from CS2 to CS3... is it worth the upgrade price?


I use CS3 here at my contract place on their machine, but at home I use CS2.

I can see and feel a few performance issues between the two (and that might be the Mac vs. PC) but other than that I don't see that much difference.


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Think I'll hold of until I can afford a Mac and Adobe CS together, that would be a fantastic day, the day I can buy all that (not on finance!) :D
Ill upgrade in a few months time I think, only to the design premium. Don't really have a need for the full creative suite.

Some of the new things in PS do look good though!


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Dont get me started with Adobe's prices. Sweet mother of god they take the p***
The 'transatlantic' pricing is obviously a huge rip-off, but otherwise I don't agree with that. I've bought every version upgrade of my main tool (Flash) since version 2 because there were always new elements that I couldn't do without, as a professional user. Adobe lets you upgrade from 4 (!) versions back for £139.00 ex VAT, which I don't think is bad at all.

Don't forget - these are the tools of our trade, so they're bound to cost money. We make money using them and 160-odd quid spread over a year is really not much in my opinion. And if you don't want to upgrade, you don't have to either.

(Sorry about the rant, but I just have this discussion going at the moment about why people somehow expect software to be free or very cheap.)
I did make the jump from CS2 to CS3 and it was well worth it.
CS3 handles the pallets so much better freeing up valuable screen real-estate.
Also every program in the suite has the context sensitive property bar which shows only the relevant options for what you have selected.
But I can't see any reason to upgrade to CS4. Will wait to see what CS5 brings. That will probably be released in a couple of weeks.
ha ha ha....