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Neutra Face: An Ode on a Typeface


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Neutra Face: An Ode on a Typeface (Bearded Poker Face Parody)

I'll be honest, this is probably one of THE weirdest things I've ever seen on YouTube. And this is YouTube I'm talking about. But anyone with even a passing knowledge of fonts and type will see the funny side of the lyrics.
"Using Adobe's not the same without a Mac / If it was lead it would be lined up on a track"



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I'm sure I tweeted or mentioned it here before :)

Two great things, music and fonts amalgamated into one great big mess of parody :D


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Did you? I shall use the magical search button... hold on... oh dear. You did. And I replied. Weellll... it was months ago, I'd forgotten.

Perhaps this thread should be deleted then. Sorry about that. My head blatantly contains nothing more than strawberry jam it would seem.


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LOL! Well I must have missed it first time around. This is hilarious, and clever parody of the Lady Gaga song! But yes very weird even by youtube standards. Thank you for sharing it again Jim :eek: :love: