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Need some help!

Ok so I have a photo on my camera that I am going to edit then need pinting off. I was just gonna quickly pop down to boots and get it printed using one of their quick instore do it yourself things.

Does anyone know if you can use a USB key/Hard drive in those machines or does it have to be your memory card?



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You can use them, did it myself last week, they have capacity for USB drives, all memory cards and even bluetooth :)


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Harry said:
iPhones are great but Apple's monopolistic attitude to Bluetooth etc is a right pain in the penis :(
apple said they wanted to stop piracy of media, so they stopped pairing of devices for file sharing.

it is annoying yes, but there are photo apps to transfer files over, so you can get round it (although it's strange that apple stopped it from happening yet allowed it again, i aint complaining)