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Need Ideas and Inspiration ....


Junior Member

I run my own website. I built it all myself using Wordpress. I have slightly modified a free theme (just tweaking the CSS to get it to look the way I want).

However, I feel it is not really sexy enough. But, I cannot work out what (or how) to change to make it a lot better.

It is a article based website, 2 columns. So my thinking is that all that is needed really to make it look lots better is a snazzy looking header area and sidebar. Maybe some tweaks to content layout, fonts, colours etc. too.

I have been looking at many site for inspiration but always left confused! I am not a designer.

I have thought about getting a professional design done do far not seen a company who specialises in Wordpress and will not make silly changes that will ruin my navigation and architecture - it is vital that this all remains untouched.

This is my website.

I have been looking at sites like these, hoping for inspiration, but still not sure the direction to take. These are all mostly news / magazine sites, some really basic looking actually:

Celebrity Gossip, Fashion Trends, Hair & Beauty Tips (Glamour.com UK)
Latest news, sport and comment from the Guardian | The Guardian
Telegraph.co.uk - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph - Telegraph

See, I want simple, clean, with a little style. But my attempts to get there seem to be failing ... :mad:

Many thanks, look forward to your opinions.