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Need help writing a letter for work experience!

Discussion in 'Graphic Design Forum:' started by Mattie7777, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. Mattie7777

    Mattie7777 Member

    Im currently in my 2nd year at uni and I need 1-2 weeks worth of work experience this year to pass. So now i need to write up a letter and send it to a few companies the thing is ive never worked for design company before and I have never done freelance work so what do I put in the letter?

    Im guessing I start off with who I am and what I want but it ends there, i plan on printing off my work to show them and im also thinking of a lil gift like a mug with 'Love Tea Love Me' as ive heard thats all I will be making on work experience. Or is there anything else I could send them that will make me stand out? Maybe create a poster for their office or something?

    What you guys think about the writing and also the mug idea?
  2. Mercy Design

    Mercy Design Member

    1. Get a name- don't do "sir or madam." Call up & ask who looks after the placements.
    2.Do you research about the company- why do you want to intern there?
    3.Tell them what you hope to achieve from the internship- is it to develop a skill, help develop a creative concept, build experience in a particular area etc.
    4.Tell them why you're good- do you blog, do you design a magazine, do you organise a club night- tell them why you have the right attitude and skills to be part of their team, even for a short time.
    5.Spell and grammar check a zillion times.
    6.Lay out your document in a legible but beautiful way- make sure it's visually interesting.
    6.Ensure you have, and can give them online access to your portfolio- a Facebook group/fan page will suffice as long as you can display your work prominently.
    7. Post it, wait a week and call the relevant person, ask have they received the letter.
    8. If they say no to your request, ask why- say you'd like the feedback to be successful later on.

    Hope that helps.
  3. Mattie7777

    Mattie7777 Member

    Thank you so so much, I will write this up this week and send it off!

    Much appreciated!

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