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need help with slogans for current uni brief

Heya guys and gals, im having trouble with coming up with some slogans for smoking. My current project is basically portraying the bad into someting good so i've chosen to look at how smoking is good for you. I've found a few images from the old adverts from the 30s onwards stating that its good for you smoke etc. and now im just stuck on some slogans...to et to the point im designing a pack of 10 cigerettes each with something bad about smoking turned into a positive on them
so far i've come up with:
a breath of fresh air
diet stick
A good investment
i'm not really sure if these work as they are or if they should have some more info included.
please help i'd be very grateful!


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Your kids will become more independant cos you'll be dead before they grow up.

I just wanted to play change the text as well.


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Following on from Nik's Be Cool theme:

Be cool, be the first of your friends to get Cancer.

Who wants to live forever anyway!

Cigarettes save on Pension plans