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need help with my logo.

I am revamping my high end discount club logo. I am looking at two options and deciding on the most suitable.

1. attachment 1 is of waiter carrying a food tray .

2. the second attachment is of a waiter icon carrying a tray of glasses.

both icon designs will feature alongside the word dineplus.

i'm thinking the second design (the one with the tray of glasses) looks better as it looks 'classier'.
but im not sure.

Any thoughts you might have and be willing to share will be received gratefully. Also, your advice on colour scheme for the membership cards and stickers is welcome. I'm thinking a black background, i'm not sure.

If you have an idea for a logo i should be using please get in touch.

Thanks for your help

Michael :)



Staff member
welcome to the forum

If I'm honest neither of those logo's say high end discount club (which is a contradiction in itself in my opinion...), the second one is stronger of the two though.

The colours don't help for one thing, and if I'm hones the gloss effect is now quite dated. As to colours.... without knowing the exact theme of the club (I'm assuming food and drink here) it's a bit hard to comment.
Yea, I would get rid of the glow. The person icon needs simplifying - the font could work though.

Would be cool to see an updated version :) We're here to give constructive feedback!

Sean Lee-Amies

Welcome to the forum!

Okay before we begin here, can you clarify whether you are the business owner or the designer?

Right, there isn't much about this design that says high end or upmarket. That (presumably) being the main goal here, I would recommend starting over. Who is carrying out the design work here? Some further questions to get you on the right track:

1. What groundwork have you done for this logo project? Target market, brand values, use cases, service USP's etc
2. What do you want to achieve with the new logo design, that the current one does not do well enough?
3. What made you want choose Chinese take away colours?

You can have upmarket discount, check out Secret Escapes, but this current design screams low budget/cheap.

Would love to help you out, give us some more info and we'll put our heads together :)
I'm the owner. I put together several designs for a logo a little while ago and ended up with the two designs i attached in my first post.

The aim of the logo is to project an upmarket club. to a certain extent i feel the 2nd waiter icon goes someway towards this goal. although i am not so sure about the red on the image. maybe all gold would be better?.

the reason i chose the word dine as red and plus the colour gold is due to the fact that they are on a black background. I had thought of
using a crown in the design but maybe that would be way over the top. a good thing about the waiter icon is that it goes with the theme of the business - a dining discount card.I could of course use an altogether different design that has no connection with food or dining at all. any ideas?. i have attached designs that similar cards are using.

thanks for your help guys



Sean Lee-Amies

What he means is that their logos say dining, without actually having a diner. The best brands are a combination of values, simplicity, purpose and elegance. Luxury is often understated design, which is why cheaper brands plaster their logo all over their clothes, trying to grab attention and the more upmarket ones don't. The design shouldn't need to scream luxury and high quality, people should know because of the service you provide and the reputation that you build - bright red and yellow doesn't say that.

Luxury brands are some of the most difficult ones to get right, and unless you specialise in branding, you're unlikely to get it right. There's only really so much we can help you with, it would be like asking a mechanic to come round and instruct you on how to fix your car.