Need help picking a wireless printer that can copy,fax and print which takes cheap ink cartridges


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Ive never had a printer so dont know which printer or brand to go for i dont need it for photos just black and white printing really.The ink cartridges need to be really cheap i need it to fax,copy and print and it doesnt have to be the latest and greatest.I would like it to be wireless and black and as small as i can get it i dont need anything huge.

Please give me model numbers to look at and where i could pick em up on the internet plus where i can buy the ink cartridges.

Cheers :)


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I'd suggest a Canon MX925

I have one although I've never used it for fax so can't comment on that. Individual colour/black cartridges and not too badly priced in xxl sizes imo. Pretty sure you can get 'compatible' cartridges too but the last time I used these on a canon printer they blocked the print head so bad I needed a new printer... which just so happened to be this mx925 lol.

little side note: that red fade is a LOT more subtle in real life, you can hardly even tell it's there.


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Ok well thats one to consider but seems pretty big ill check on the price of the inks.

Well after checking i dont know which ink package to choose and it may be too much for my needs.The printer itself look nice but bit on the large side and most if not all my prints will be just using black to be honest.I just want it for forms that need copying,printing and faxing.