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Need help on buying a MAC and Creative Cloud

Discussion in 'Apple Forum:' started by Helpmeplz, Sep 19, 2017.

  1. Simon Rayson

    Simon Rayson Member

    please see below
    On how many computers can I use my Creative Cloud subscription?

    You can install Creative Cloud applications on multiple computers, regardless of operating system.
    You can activate Creative Cloud on up to two computers.
    You can use the software on one computer at a time.
  2. Helpmeplz

    Helpmeplz New Member

    Again though, does this assume it is the same person using both of those creative cloud activations? Because thats not the situation i am proposing here
  3. Helpmeplz

    Helpmeplz New Member

    Thanks for these- Im taking a look at these and various other options, including the Dell XPS (or precision as it is known)
    Not sure how this one fairs up for graphic designers or if anyone else uses it but it seems quite good and has quite good colour gamut on the screen.

    Also, it seems the size of hard drive is one way to bring price down.

    Would 256gb be sufficent for creative cloud applications and work? Or would you need say 512 as the neccessary minimum?

  4. hankscorpio

    hankscorpio Moderator Staff Member

    Depends what you're doing - if you're doing large format photographs or the likes - video editing, or 3D etc. incl animation etc. - then you're going to use up that space pretty quick.

    But then again - that's what external drives and cloud storage is for...
  5. Simon Rayson

    Simon Rayson Member

    "You" this must be the person who has bought the licence, not a friend.

    so to your question, the answer is NO you can not use it.

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