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Need for speed shift

Hi Guys,

I dunno if you have heard of this new game. I went into game today to buy it and there was a guy there who was running a competetion for the whole of the UK. The rules where you had to drive with the "In Car" view with no assists and you only had 3 attempts. I managed to get 5th in the whole of the North East Region and might well be going to Thorpe park for the finals. Its a great game I have to be honest, I am waiting for Forza 3 now to see if its going to be any better.


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lucky man.

in brum the other year we had angelina jolie to promote tomb raider (and a random competition with it) and when the world cup game came out we had some footballer come and give out free footballs and a discount off the game if you could do five kick ups. easiest thing ever :p


I'll be honest when I watched the advert for Need for Speed: Shift.. I did missread it and thought it said Need for Speed: **** :lol:

Tom Sound

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printedeasy said:
Do any of you have new Colin McRae: Dirt game?

Played the demo, and it's OK. I've got the first one and it's OK too but a bit boring unless you are really into time trials as a lot of it is just you doing a rally stage on your own, so no one to race against.
printedeasy said:
Do any of you have new Colin McRae: Dirt game?
I thought dirt 2 was very hard to play. I think Ken Block did a good job with the team however it was really hard to get to grips with, I prefer track rather than off road. Cant wait to see what Forza 3 is like tomorrow.