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Need feedback on our contest


I am Antonio from Placeit. We are running a contest and I was wondering if you guys could give me some feedback.

Our contest is basically: you use our tool in a creative or funny way, you get votes, you win an iPhone.

The contest is here: http://blog.placeit.net/mount-cleverest/

It's of course free to enter.


I was wondering if you had any feedback on how to make our contest (or tool) better.


Staff member
Welcome to the forum...

In regards to the contest.
Honestly the competition could be clearer.
There's no t&c's and no mention of regional limitations.
No mention of what you can do with said entries.
I hate the idea of a 'voting' system especially one where earlier entries could end up with more votes just because they've been there longer.

And to be honest I've never heard of your company meaning I may be wasting my time on entering a contest where I'd never win the prize, yet you get lots of my information, it's not like I'd be able to chase it up easily when you only have an email contact address (have this feeling we're legally required to have a physical address for some reason).

In regards to your site... it seemed a bit laggy loading in firefox.

I'm also questioning the need for the service, especially as a subscription model (I hate subscription models by the way). You could likely grab the same sort of images for a small fee and then it's just a simple photoshop script for most of us. I might be missing something but your site isn't really that informative for me personally so I'm making a lot of assumptions.