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Need a run of 400 A3 prints - Who can give me a quote?


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I know there's a few printers on here so I'm just wondering if you can give me a quote (with and without VAT please if you could) for the following:

400 x A3,colour, double sided on some rough matte paper (180-200gsm possibly). Delivered by Wednesday 3rd June.

Both sides of the print MUST match up to within 0.5mm due to there being a lack of bleed. Also, if you can provide the option to do 6 cuts and 3 folds, then that would be fantastic.

Thanks for the help. I know I should have posted this sooner considering I need them by next week, but I've only just thought of posting here.


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Hi Neil,

I have sent a PM to all the printing companies I can think of who are on the forums,
Hopefully you should have some replies/quotes before too long :)

HI Anagoge

Will get a quote to you by 12 noon tomorrow. can you give more detail with regards to the '6 cuts and 3 folds'.


Pete (ToyeGraphics)


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The print is an invitation in the form of three triangles with a tab on the side of one of them. When folded up, this tab folds inside the triangles to form its own envelope. Initially, I and a few others were more than willing to cut and fold this triangular shape but since there are 400 of them, if someone can do it faster than us then we'd certainly take the offer up.

I was quoted £360 by a printers today in Chester but unfortunately, not on the type of paper I wanted. It needs to have a rough texture. Not just matte, but something almost like that cheap 90gsm coloured craft paper kids use, only heavier.

A quote by tomorrow would be really appreciated, Pete. Thank you.


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It sounds to me like for your cuts and folds you will need them die cut?!?

Have you made a mock up to show the printers? if not that would probably be a good idea to make sure your on the same page
The most economical way to print this, is digitally...

but you're not going to get the finish you expect.. as when digitally printed, the ink sits on the surface of the stock... it doesnt sink in... therefore, if the stock is covered in ink, you wouldnt be able to tell it was a rough/uncoated stock anyway.

if your adament on the rough stock... then litho is the only way... which is gonna blow your budget.

btw - my price, all in... £185




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I've already replied to two of you already, but this is just to help others get a better understanding of what I need:

Firstly, here's the outline of what needs to be printed:

Imagine those triangles folded over each other and then the red band folding in half and fitting inside the gap that's created by the triangles. Secondly, note the TWO crop marks on the bottom left. The top crop mark is only to cut the first triangle on the left, not the other two.This helps the structure fold without any raised distortion.

Although I know it's impossible to get an accurate description of the type of paper that I need, to help you understand, I've looked on Flickr for the type that I need.

Flickr Photo Download: handmade craft paper gift bags
Flickr Photo Download: Papers

If you can imagine these papers in white and how if you were to run your fingers over them, it wouldn't be smooth. The prints need to have that sort of texture. I don't need the prints to be on card, but it does need to be heavier than bog standard office paper.

Secondly, if I were to give you the go ahead by 2pm tomorrow, when would the prints be delivered to me? They would need to be sent to an address in Chester. This job is already two weeks over schedule so if at all possible, please get back to me as soon as possible.

Thank you all for your help so far.
its def a diecut and litho job.... min 7 working days...

i'm out... sounds like too much hassle for me.

you want a pukka bespoke job - not a problem, but you want it for nothing and you want it yesturday.

Thanks Neil for the PM etc. good luck.


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It's understandable if the diecutting and litho are out of the question. It would be an advantage to have it done, but I'm happy to cut them myself (along with a few other people) so it's not imperative that they're diecut.

The toner/ink issue is one that I hadn't thought about and you make an excellent point. If this is true, then it would simply need something that would be as unshiny as possible to offset the shininess of toner.

Either way, these prints must be sent to print tomorrow now, regardless of the outcome.