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Need a catchy name

Hi All,
So i figured this could be a cool place to pick some of your brains :) I'm looking for a catchy name for a food truck my wife is starting this coming summer. It needs to be universal and not linked to any particular food for incase the menu needs to change. What crazy ideas or catchy names do you think will work? The truck will be in Poland by the way but she wants the name/slogan in english :) Thanks a million....


Staff member
In response to mr.lego's comment... nativedesigners, what you're asking for is in essence an element of 'branding' which for many people on the forum is a paid service that is offered either individually or as part of a package.

I'll be honest the first thoughts I had for a reply when I read your original post was... can you give us a budget and time frame etc, not what name can I think of. I suspect many of the other people on this forum will think in a similar way to this.

oh and

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Hi Levi
Thanks for your comment. So if we're talking money and packages i would be willing to pay somebody for their work and time but how to put a budget / price on that. I wouldn't wanna pay more than $100 just for somebody to come up with a name for me that i might not even use...but lets see. Time frame wise...about 1 week should be enough.