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Hi guys!
I am Akshan. I am 22, from India. I am a newbie graphic designer. Though I was taught a bit of photoshop & illustrator in college, I didn't learn a lot aesthetically. :(
Also, I am not very creative. I can think stuff up, but when it comes to putting it down on paper, I fail. These were the reasons why I was unable to get into the leading design studios of the country, I guess.
So I was reading this article on how to become a better designer. And it suggested to "Be a part of the designing community". So I joined DeviantArt. Link to the page : AxnAkshan on deviantART (If it is allowed to share links. Sorry if I broke any rules unknowingly).
However, though people were favouriting my work, I wasn't getting any critiques as such. So I thought of joining fourms where people actively participate.
I just googled "photoshop forums" & "design forums". Found many sites but liked this one the most. maybe because the design is so neat & the colour so inviting :)
P.S: I found a webpage on best photoshop forums, this was on it, so I was even more convinced :D
So well, here I am, newbie among the pros hoping to learn a lot. I am trying to get into this design college, the very best in India. Hanging out here will prepare me for the exams & interviews for the college.
I love: photography (I don't own a DLSR, just a Canon digicam but I am relly passionate about taking pictures), gaming, listening to music (all the time!) watching movies and typography.
Annnd I guess I have bored you guys a lot. Don't think anyone will even read so much haha.
Hope to be hearing from you too!
- Akshan (you can also call me axn. It's short for my name, kind of rhymes with it plus my priest baptised me as Action haha :p)
Hi there Akshan welcome to the forum. Just replied to your thread on deviantart. I'm on there myself, the only way you can get any serious critique is if you sign up. It's not really a serious place to advertise unless you are posting new work every other day, otherwise you just won't get seen. The other factor of course is that you have to be pretty good at what ever you are posting on there. If people are looking through say traditional art, they will be given hundreds of results and so will only look at the ones that really stand out. Really this is comes down to a portfolio scenario, only put on there what you truly feel deserves to be on there with a good enough standard.

Otherwise you have most certainly come to the right place, there are a lot of really great guys and gals on here all willing to help out a fellow designer/illustrator/artist..... well anyone with a creative background.
Thanks for the welcome guys :)

I will post my artwork & photos here, considering I am getting no reviews on devinatART. I am sure I will get a lot of feedback here. :)