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n00b here

Hello all, New to the forum, just thought i'd say hello.

I'm relatively new to the field but enjoyed design for about 6 years now (i'm 20). I started working with a local Tv station about a year ago, designing adverts, backgrounds, logos.... for them.

Now i'm working with a magazine publishing company, helping out with the designs of magazines and doing a bit of web work when it's needed. Since i've been here (2 months) i've found it difficult to get ideas for layouts, because most are the same and working on 8 different magazines or booklets gets difficult because you have to keep thinking of something new for practically the exact same thing every day.

Does anyone have any helpful links where i can find some good layouts or read up about this kind of work?

Thanks. x


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Ahh excellent, some very good shots! I've just been for a walk got a few shots of some [ame="http://www.flickr.com/photos/sweetsmith/4666664521/"]Great Ayton Sheep on Flickr - Photo Sharing!@@AMEPARAM@@http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4013/4666664521_81b9a2a901_m.jpg@@AMEPARAM@@4666664521@@AMEPARAM@@81b9a2a901[/ame]!
oops, thread derail!

cute sheep, love the expression on the first one!

My camera's a bit broken at the moment, needs a new focusing screen, good job it's a cheap fix, itching to try out my new 50mm prime lense :)


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Oops yep just a little! Blame the animals!

So magazine inspiration... how about looking at mags that you would never normally look at might see something that sparks an idea off. Yeah and try amazon for some books dedicated to mag layouts