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Myriad Pro, Calibri - licenses ??


Junior Member
Hallo Guys,

I have a quick question there for you. It`s about our all beloved Myriad Font, that comes pre-installed with the Adobe products.

When it is already installed and ready to use, does it mean, that I can use it for designing brochures, posters, etc. without having to buy any additional licenses?

There is a small design job I have to do for my university and I would like to use the Myriad Pro Font, and since I`m not sure if there are any licenses on it, I`m hoping you would tell me.

Emm and additional question. If I`m not allowed to use Myriad, what about Calibri. Is it license-free ?

Thank you in advance!
OK, from what I believe is if you have a genuine copy of the product then you have the right to use that font on any piece of work you like. Someone correct me if I am wrong on this.
I'd be careful with Calibri. You wouldn't use Times New Roman for much these days because everyone associates it with DIY-Word. Calibri might not be there yet (I get tenacious around it) it certainly will be soiled by it's adoption in Office soon.