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My trip to Paris


Senior Member
Okay so I went to Paris for three days. Great, lots of churches, lots of shops, lots of museums. But also, lots of robbers, lots of beggars, lots of impolite Parisians, lots of arrogant and pushy tourists.

And of course this just had to happen to me. Someone stole my wallet, the first day so I didn't even get to spend the €100 I had on me. Great start, shall we move on? Champs-Elysées, walking around in the shops, looking at the stuff I couldn't buy. And then some Parisian guy starts yelling at me, I had no clue what he said but I'm assuming he wasn't offering me a cash prize for being the 1000th visitor that day.

Lots of beggars, all around the city. Sometimes just sitting on a street corner with a sign, I think those are the ones that actually get the most money. Other times they run around with a Starbucks cup and a little piece of paper which says "I from Bosnia, I is good person, help me and family, please." And then some more lines of text, but I didn't bother reading the entire card. So you just say "I'm terribly sorry but I do not speak English" with a perfect accent, followed by "Je m'excuse mais mon français est vraiment terrible", also with a perfect accent. Finishing it with "Only Swahili". And then they start cursing at you and running off to their other beggar friends (yes, they cooperate).

FFS, do something with your life! If you have the time and energy to run around all day asking people for money, then you should definitely have the time and energy to find a friggin' job! At least some people try to be a living statue (all though they don't always succeed, they try!).

Paris is great, I won't be going back any time soon.


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wow. mixed review. i LOVE paris. absolutely minted. stayed in hilton right next to Eiffel Tower when I last went. Great views an' all. But then I did get it all for free, so I am slightly bias :p