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My third year adverting and brand design exhibition - Tapped.

Hello everyone!

This is my first post and hope I chose the right thread to put it in!
I am currently in my third and final year of studying Advertising and Brand Design in South Wales, and all 18 of us are required to put on an end of year exhibition showing the work that we have created in our third year.

Of course we have to raise enough money to cover the costs of venues, printing, food and drinks, so we have done a few local fundraisers already, two bake sales and a night out! We have just launched a kickstarted page and hope to raise enough money to be able to put on a great exhibition.


Any donations, big or small, would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

Paul Murray

Staff member
You're doing a creative course, come up with some creative ways of raising money, or find ways of doing things on a budget. Asking for handouts to fund a final year exhibition that most of us don't care about and won't be able to attend is taking the piss a little.


Staff member
As above, get creative!

Your exhibition is based around the brewing process and you need drinks so why not approach a local craft brewery and strike a deal to 'co-host' the event? they supply a quantity of booze, you give them free publicity on the back of the flyer and let them market themselves at the event. Same goes for print. find a local printer who's happy to give you a discount in return for their name on the posters/leaflets.

Are there any artisan pubs locally with a function room they'd let you have cheap or even do a 'bar takeover' in? (the latter negates the need for snacks or drinks to be provided). Perhaps there's a micro brewery locally that would host the event in their brewhouse?

Serve traditional bar snacks! Pork scratchings and pickled eggs cost peanuts! You could even push the boat out and put some cold roast spuds out (this was a thing once upon a time).

We've all had to finance a graduation exhibition and that always involves building links locally to help you get the best deal but ultimately it still comes down to putting your hand in your own pocket rather than expecting someone else to fund it.