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My Take on some Famous Logos

Hi Guys
On the rare occasion I get some spare time, I love to experiment with fictitious icons and brands to work with new skills. After seeing news and rumours about the new ‘Xbox’, apparently to be named the Xbox Infinity or the Xbox Fusion, I thought I could experiment with a possible brand for it. That later developed to me working with other famous brands on logos that I thought could be improved.
Here’s the breakdown;
Look. I think the recent rebrand and modernisation for the EBay brand was necessary, but they ruined the fun! How could they… So I kept the clean and minimal design, but tried to jazz up the design with some fun

XBOX Infinity.
I decided to work with the Xbox Infinity idea, as being blunt, it’s a better name. I got inspiration from a few great designers on dribbble for colour and positioning choices, but executed it in my own style. I’ve used ‘Infinity Blue’ for the infinity symbol, and the traditional green xbox colour for the name itself.
Their current logo isn’t good, it isn’t okay, it’s terrible. It seems someone simply typed out the word in a horrible font above a dotted line. But as the brand has developed the colours have defined the brand along with the square(s), so I went for a new font and kept the famous square as a full stop at the end of the word mark.
What do you think about these designs?
From my blog post here.



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First impressions Ben is that none of the 3 particuarly do anything for me. The ebay logo just looks like you have filled in the letters, theres no logic to it or rationale. What are you trying to say? What message is it now conveying that is wasnt before? Have you changed it just so it looks "nicer"? Logos are much more than just a visually pleasing graphic, it is often the consumers first impression with the brand so it needs to communicate a lot in a very simple way.
As for the other 2 logos, again there doesn't seem to be much thought or balance to either of them. The xbox logo looks like you have literally thrown the infinity sign on the end of the word. Is there not a way of combining the 2? Or interlocking them somehow? Or even sitting the word above the infinity shape? There are loads of alternatives that would look visually more balanced and interesting. At the moment this looks like you have taken 2 mins to throw it together.
The TMobile logo is again very basic. Visually it looks ok and i like the cleanliness of it but it doesnt do much else for me. You are correct in saying the current TMobile logo isnt great, but how is yours any better? It looks more modern, but it still doesnt mean anything. It doesnt scream phone company to me, why is the T bold? Why is the full stop so chunky? (You say its a nod to their famous square, but why are you referrring back to the old logo identity if you have just told us it isnt very good?)
Anyway, thats just my 2p worth, sorry if its harsh, just trying to give you some constructive critiscm.

Sean Lee-Amies

It made for a good read, logos aren't really my strong point but I can agree with what dave is saying. It would be nice to get your thoughts on how you went about each logo and why you made specific design decisions. :)


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With your representation of the ebay logo people might associate the missing parts of the logo with what they buy from ebay? Maybe, maybe not?
With the Xbox logo the infinity isn't quite infinity which makes that symbol redundant. There would probably be scope to have the infinity interacting with the xbox logo maybe the b and o could be transformed into the infinity symbol?
You know, at first I was quite disappointed with the new ebay logo, but then the more I thought, ebay is now a lot more business like than the original idea of people selling their unwanted things so the new identity fits better than the old. I was hoping for something a little more unique though so I get where you coming from. They obviously have strong belief in their colour pallette alone I'd say.
I'd rather not think about xbox, mine broke and I still yearn for a new one.
Don't really know enough about the TMobile to comment.
Maybe we could do something like this around here when a new rebrand is laucnhed to see what everyone elses take wpould have been. Could have struck on a nice idea ther Ben....

Tony Hardy

DavoSmith said:
Maybe we could do something like this around here when a new rebrand is laucnhed to see what everyone elses take wpould have been. Could have struck on a nice idea ther Ben....
That's a nice idea! We should do that sometime :)
Ben, why not post your logo versions up next to the existing ones for contrast?
Will do next time, and I think that it would be great fun to rebrand a rebrand :) (If that makes sense).

Admittedly, I designed the above in a few spare minutes I had in a break for client work, but there are reasons for each change and I will go into details when I get the chance. Thanks for the feedback guys, I always find constructive criticism more beneficial then positive ones :)
Would love to see this rebrand idea kick off on DF :)
Thanks Ben Gibbons, Informative post.
Today, Market is so competitive that it is vital to have a effective Signs. If you run a business and you want it to be successful then you need a custom logo design that has been created by professionals.
I just found this quote about logos-“To make my meal in a box taste better, I decided to tweak the logo, rather than the ingredients.
― Jarod Kintz, What do you think? It makes me think...Logos create brand identity which serves to import a certain set of beliefs into the reader's minds-very effective. I loved the T Mobile improvement by the way...