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My story so far.

Well i suppose i should let you know a little bit about me...

Names Craig Graham, I'm 19, I live and work in Falkirk, Scotland. I am going to be a father in 8 weeks :)
I'm a graphic Designer for a company working with signage and printing.
( APB Displays )

Been working there for a year now and loving every minute of it.
I started graphic design (small scale) since i was 13 and rapidly learned.

I was extremely lucky to get into graphic design since 17 as i was at the Falkirk Football Club for a course and it just so happened that they were needing a designer at the time.

I think i've said to much now so I think i shall stop.




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Welcome aboard Craig, good to know a little bit about your background. Congrats/good luck on becoming a father soon! :D

Hope you enjoy DF.
I had done this custom boxart for another site I tried to make the game have a snowy and col feeling to it.

This is what I can do...