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My site review

Looking for a bit of constructive crit for my site. I know its a basic template that i have adapted but i like it lol.

Harlequin Studio

My portfolio section needs some more images uploaded but i need to make the file size smaller as wp wont take them.

Thanks in advance


Staff member
If I'm honest the first time I looked at it (the css thread) I thought the css styling hadn't loaded....

You're advertising web design services with LOTS of competition and to be honest your site doesn't do you any favours.

you also need a grammar/spell check


and this is just stupidly bad business sense.
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I agree with the previous post.

I feel you need to spend some time getting the CSS refined and generally checking everything on the site (for instance, 'services' is the only navigation category in lowercase). I also don't like the centred text on the home page.


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I really like the car image on your about us page but the text on your home page image looks a bit ms paint.


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Like the to-do list. The fonts on the Contact Us page are all over the place though. Also the images in the Portfolio slideshow seem off-centre, shows a mile off with things like "Save The Eart--". Liking the leaves/pennies/cardboard styling but not quite sure how relevant it is. ... wait a minute, you changed it as I was typing!
yeah i was trying a few different options, went back to the original one, im just going to use the css to make it a bit better.

Im trying to add a gradiant to my background at the moment but i cant get it to work. Here is the code:

body {	background:#FFFFFF url('images/gradient_background.bmp');	font-family: verdana, arial, tahoma, sans-serif;	font-size: 11px;	margin:20px;	}


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Is the text, "HARLEQUIN studio is an independent, young and ambitious graphic agency based in Merseyside" right on top of the page supposed to be there?
To be blunt, like everybody else. The site is far too simple, I guess what you were trying to do was keep it simple, but for a Web Design Company IMO you need to add some kind of "wow" factor, that instantly proves you know what you're doing.

Anyway, enough rambling.

Question. Is the footer supposed to be wider than the content of the page?
If so, I think you should try to keep the elements of the page contained within some set widths.

As it's a work in progress, I'm looking forward to seeing some improvements :D
Without trying to be offensive, I get the feeling you're not a website designer but more a graphic designer trying to get in on the web market.

If so, there's nothing wrong with being a graphic designer. But for your portfolio, use an off-the-shelf theme as you will be judged on your website, whether you're personally a website designer or not.
yeah i am not sure where everyone got the idea i was a web designer from lol. although it is something i am trying to get into. the problem im having is finding one that looks good enough to be a portfolio lol.
it took a while to load(over 10 secs) - I almost clicked away, see if you can cache it.

its always good to start m8 - it needs work though - eg non of your links change color on rollover - you must do this at least...

i would get it auto centering as well - not stuck on the left as it really looks beginner on a widescreen
how would i go about auto centering it, i have looked on the web and cant find much, im using wordpress as a cms.

I also cant seem to find the info to change the links in my CSS file.
HarlequinStudio said:
how would i go about auto centering it, i have looked on the web and cant find much, im using wordpress as a cms.

I also cant seem to find the info to change the links in my CSS file.
Set the left and right margins to auto, and that will push your content in to the middle.
I know its boring but i cant find a template for wordpress that i can make work. im a noob when it comes to web programing. Whenever i try to use a new one it turns out terrible.