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My Return


Senior Member
First off, glad to come back here. I have been wanting to for a while as I am still plowing away at my Graphic Design Associates degree since August of 2010. And have created many design works for those classes, and there were and are times I could use some expert advice on my projects. I will make sure to update my portfolio here if anyone wanted to see some new works. They are also on my DA page.

I am still studying and learning Turkish, but still just at a slow pace since my Design class work always needs to come first. But I would say I have made progress, but not really where i could have a conversation in full Turkish yet. What I really want to do after I complete my degree, is to start taking Turkish classes formally. Thats the plan for now at least because I really want to be fluent as I can be with it.

Oh! Also as of this past November, I am now a Mac user. I am still not too sure about how my Windows PC really failed, but my friend was sure it was the motherboard and/or CPU. And I could have just tried to get new parts, but it died while the Design class semester was still in progress. I would have had to wait over a week (and not being able to do my class work for that long) for the parts to arrive because it was the day before Thanksgiving that my PC died. So the night after Thanksgiving, I bought this Mac from an Apple products store. Its a 2.7GHz, Intel Core, 4GB, 1333 MHz with OS X Lion and 27 in. display.

So since then i have basically had to learn about using Macs as I go, and of course had to get all my Adobe design programs in Mac versions, which was more money but I think its been worth it. And there are many aspects I have come to really like about the Mac making wonder why I didn't switch sooner. And I love how my Ps and Illustrator works look on this crisp monitor :eek:

So looking forward to catching up on DF, and seeing everyone's new creations.