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My Rant Off blog site


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I'm sick to the back teeth of crap service and stupid idiotic stuff that affects my day. So I'm now ranting off on this blog. - ( Designed by BlueOcto ) Time we said NO MORE!!!!
If anyone wants to post a rant pm me and i'll bung it on.

Rant Off


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I went to TK-MAXX on the weekend, and bought a pair of shoes priced at £18. Went to the counter to pay, forgot to bring a bag (from the ever growing pile of BAG FOR LIFE bags that has taken up a whole drawer in my apartment) and was told it would cost me 4p.. I "agreed".. Only to find when leaving the shop, that not only had he taken off the VAT, but he'd also taken off the 4p instead of charging it.. IN YOUR FACE TK-SPAX!!


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I enjoyed the M&S rant, On a similar but less rantish note... a friend of mine once sent a letter to rustlers (they make the microwave burger things) and he said, in an amusing and lengthy letter than he was unable to actually get the burger out of the packaging and was forced to sit and watch his burger cool beyond an edible temperature.

Of course, this was a lie and pretty much sent just to see the reaction - They replied to his letter saying they were sympothetic and appologised for thier packaging and included a £10 voucher for sainsburrys (where he had bought the burger) and advised he used a pair of scissors in the future. lol.


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Haha, nice site Berry! Think you need to include a few BB Book of Life quotes, or maybe some BB Book of Business quotes incase TK Maxx and the like arrive on your rant blog?!

In our area we've just got the new recycling bins, but the stupid thing is the recycled waste that each household has to separate (and clean) is that when they get taken away they all go to the same land fill/waste disposal as the council doesn't have the resources to recycle the recycled waste!! Think you might need a separate blog for local councils rants!


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Xenonsoft said:
When's someone going to create a 'queueing blog'?

......Can't at the minute, don't want to lose my place in the queue.;)

Supermarkets are on my Hit List today. No reason to shop at Morrisons,


:D well we've had Tim do drunk posting.. I wonder how Berry would do drunk posting... would it be like the drunk old man on The Fast Show? (jk) :lol:
rossnorthernunion said:
Someones kicked our recyling bin - bastards.


Sorry i meant Knicked - stolen - robbed - recycled (oh the irony) our bin.

Kids can kick out as long as im concerned - each other bins dogs bricks anything.

Back to our bin - some buggers nicked it!!!!



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check Berry's bath! - he's probably got it stashed there (like the big fish on Men Behaving Badly).

Did they nick the rubish as well? or empty it? or was it already empty?


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tbwcf said:
Did they nick the rubish as well? or empty it? or was it already empty?

PSSSSTTTT!!!! Anyone want some beer bottles and soggy pizza boxes?
Soon to go on Ebay! Be quick ! Make me an offer!