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My portfolio - Homepage based on a 3D scrolling animation.


Sean Lee-Amies

Welcome to DF!
It looks like it's good, but the whole effect was lost on me because even with just one scroll, content was zooming in and out of vision very quickly, as if my one scroll was two, or more, normal scrolls. You've got some nice ideas there :) I wonder if anyone else is experiencing that issue?
EDIT: Took a look through your actual site, didn't realise there was more, and yeah it all looks really good! You've got some great work in your portfolio :)
Yo welcome to DF!
Some really nice work on there, i think i was more impressed by your actual site and how it worked, than your work B)


Staff member
Welcome to the forum...
When I looked the homepage it didn't work very well at all for me in firefox.
Now I think I know why it isn't working very well and that's because the 'animation' is tied into scroll speed and that just didn't work with me, my mouse accelerates scrolling the longer I scroll so my speed is not consistent (pretty common on windows too I might add). I think it would work better if you scrolled to each 'panel' of the animation then had it do it automatically, the 'droplet into coffee' was literally a stuttering set of images for me.
The link to the other page isn't really clear either, skip what exactly there's nothing really saying what you do.
When or if you do click 'skip', the navigation on the gallery pages seems convoluted and inefficient. I kept wanting to hit the Graphic Design, Webdesign, Motion Design and Art direction at the top and it didn't do anything while the <> seemed easily missed. It just didn't make me want to keep looking around and even contact you... which you could argue is the whole point of a portfolio site.
If I was to sum it up I'd say for me personally you've lost usability by focusing on adding 'fancy stuff' to the design of the site.
I also have a view that in today's market you need to have a 'mobile' friendly site too.
Welcome Panurge. I received a link to your website in the past few days, through one of the groups I have subscribed on one of the social networks I am in. My compliments for the good work!
Yeah very nice work. Regarding the scrolling, i just needed to middle click my scroll button and a nice consistent speed made the whole thing a nice experience.
I might add though, maybe it could all be done as a video, add in some music and maybe a narrator saying what was written?
Love the work by the way!
Nothing happens when looking at the site, I get the message 'Please enlarge your browser'. I'm viewing on a macbook pro retina, screen scaled to 1680 - hope this helps.