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My Online Portfolio

Hi Callum,

Splash pages are really dated. They serve no purpose and just annoy people as they have to click one more time to access the actual site.

There's a blue link border on it as well. Add a img {border:none;} to your CSS to get rid of it.

Are you looking for criticism on your work or on the design of the website? Because I wouldn't exactly call that a web design. It's just a list of links?
Just a quick thought on your site. Just some quick alterations you could do.

Maybe move the spash page image onto the index page, search engines are not very good with splash pages as the first page is considered very important in page rankings.

Have your navigation with a background, something very faint, any colour really. Make this extend right till it meets the image, then on hover change the colour to a bit brighter.

Increase the font size and use a different font style, use something like Tahoma or Verdana. You could keep the font you have but deffo increase it.

Thats bout it i think. Just quick changes you can do there. I no expert but worth a go :)


Staff member
okay this is what happened with me...
I clicked link, got image with border and text in middle, after a few seconds looking round for menu figured I must have to click the image so I do. I then come to a screen with what is little more than flashing lights at which point I want to leave as 1) I don't know what you do and 2) the flashing lights are annoying.

The splash page followed by the rapidly moving imagery (which could in rare cases cause an epileptic fit which iirc you may be liable for due to disability act - Jaz will know) is just not really making me want to look at other bits.
yeah its actually doing your reputation damage. To me your a student

i would seriously look into paying some one 50 bucks to do your website a little better for you.

you have no text content to google cant index it.

page is too big for my widescreen. after getting though the splash there isa enu on the left with a little red cross in the middle ? a bug ?


Junior Member
haha cheers guys all valid comments i suppose some of it depends on your 'area' or style. Im not exactly trying to get passing trade through this website. After reading your comments I sort of realised it's no better than a tumblr or blog in general, but thats all I want really. I want a website that looks nice and doesn't try to hard.

Im definitely going to put what i do on it now (massive oversight). Im gonna get rid of the splash page and I think i'll get rid of the flashing images. Maybe then people might actually stay on the site.

Thanks it's all noted!
Hi, i think i've spotted a small mistake in one of the pictures... the 3rd AND SONS picture ...

".. that have been past through generations of quality craftsmen.."

Past, Passed? i was thinking it would be 'passed through' .. might be wrong though haha