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my online portfolio!

hey this is my behance profile i have just updated it with my latest work of rebranding the company perfect.

other projects are a mix of uni and live briefs, please feel free to give me any kind of feedback, i would like to be able to build up on what i already have.

any comments or crit will be much appreciated thanks

my portfolio


Senior Member
Hi Danny

Your strongest projects are the Guinness, Perfect and Square eye ones (although it's a shame the photos of your installation didn't come out too well). I've popped a comment on you profile. Good luck with your post Uni exploits!
thanks for your feed back wac and thanks for the kid comments on my profile much apprciated,

i made a full book aswell on blurb for the guinness project i will have to upload photos

and yes its a shame about the photos really they where taken by someone else on there phone
How did the book turn out? I've been considering blurb for a little project I want to work on but I've never seen anything by them in the flesh.

I agree with wac anyway, some good work there.

Just out of curiosity, does smp4s mean anything to you? If not - ignore me!
smp4s - yes it does haha i was a member on there for years and smp3s havent heard nothing from that for a while now!

thanks for your comments, the book was great i paid about £70 for it but i got quality paper with it it was perfect. just have to be careful on image choice as they can turn out pixelated al try n throw up a few photos but deffo go for it