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My Online Portfolio

Discussion in 'Website Design Critique:' started by Stephen-hopper, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. Stephen-hopper

    Stephen-hopper Junior Member

    Hey folks,

    In the process of looking for a new job and using my online portfolio in email links etc.

    Any constructive criticism would be appreciated.

  2. Stephen-hopper

    Stephen-hopper Junior Member

    or any opinions at all... ha
  3. sthomas

    sthomas Member

    I think your portfolio has some strong ideas and the attention to detail on your work is good. There are a few designs that are a bit too simplistic but overall I think you should definitely get some interviews from it.

    I'm not keen on the home page photograph. You are trying to get your first job in design and therefore your home page should reflect some elements of your design work (not every potential employer will take the time to go any further than your home page).

    I would also make the text on your home page much easier to read (it doesn't have to be so indepth) and a large tel / email address to make it easier for employers to contact you. You could also add a link to your CV.

    My advice to any young designers looking for a job, is to make everything super easy for potential employers - most people don't have very much time and if they even visit your website, they might only spend 10 secs looking at it - you need to wow them straightaway.
  4. Stephen-hopper

    Stephen-hopper Junior Member

    thanks very much thats very helpful

  5. Ashcat

    Ashcat Junior Member

    I think its cool and i loved the blue frog idea
  6. Stephen-hopper

    Stephen-hopper Junior Member

    Cheers Ash. Just did that the other week.
  7. Stephen-hopper

    Stephen-hopper Junior Member

    thanks again for the advice designmatic, as you will see I have changed the photograph to a few sample shots of my work. Considering doing a flash animation or something but that will do for the time being. Alos put my C.V back up

  8. Minimalist

    Minimalist Member

    Some nice work you got there :) But while I agree that the photograph was not that handsome, I think now it is too busy ...
  9. Stephen-hopper

    Stephen-hopper Junior Member

    How do you think I could make it less busy?

  10. Minimalist

    Minimalist Member

    Maybe something like a featured content slider with nice, large pictures would work better? Or if you like that look that you have, I could imagine grayscale pictures with a mouseover-fade-to-color would also help to calm it down :)
  11. Stephen-hopper

    Stephen-hopper Junior Member

    nice ideas cheers, done it to grayscale for the moment when I get more time I will try the fades and see how it looks.

    cheers, Stephen
  12. Minimalist

    Minimalist Member

    Looks better, IMHO :) Does not have to be a fade-in, simple css-sprites would do the trick :)
  13. Stephen-hopper

    Stephen-hopper Junior Member

    I dont know any CSS or anything like that just basic dreamweaver :)
  14. Minimalist

    Minimalist Member

    Oh ... Okay ... ;) I could not be bothered to lern that one, found HTML and CSS easier to wrap my head around ;) Well, basically you have ONE picture where a grayscale and a coulour-version of your picture are next to each other, but you show it in a div that is only as big as one of them. When the mouse is over it, you move the picture inside the »frame« of the div, so that the couloured part is shown ... Should be possible to do that with draemweaver, too :)
  15. Stephen-hopper

    Stephen-hopper Junior Member

    Ok managed to do it on dreamweaver, is that how you meant?

  16. Minimalist

    Minimalist Member

    Yeah, that’s it :) I think it is much less busy now, don’t you? :) There are some things that might be due to my browser, so i won’t mention them, but one thing: The mouse pointer seems to remain a pointer when moving over the pictures, instead of being a hand indicating a link; I would change that, if you can using dreamweaver :)
  17. Stephen-hopper

    Stephen-hopper Junior Member

    I think it looks better now, Im not too fussed about them being linked up as the navigation is down the side anyways but do have them linked. I don't know why it doesn't change to a hand. I use safari and it works ok

  18. Minimalist

    Minimalist Member

    Well, no need showing many examples of your work if they do not link to a more detailed overview – I for one expect that and was wondering why they did not work that way when they were still in colour ... :)

    Well, you can tell the browser what pointer to show; if you don’t, it will behave normal (as in, change to a hand when moved over a link), but you can tell it to stay an arrow if that is what you want, so I would guess you triggered this behaviour somehow ... Odd, rhough, that this does not happen with Safari ... But, again, I never used Dreamweaver ... I gave it a look, decided that you need to know how everything works anyways to not run into trouble like this mouse-pointer-thing for example, and went for learning HTML and CSS ... Well, I am no web designer, so I enjoy the freedom to do so and progress as slowly as it happens to go ... ;)
  19. byronc

    byronc Member

    like the picture part - nice

    you need a bit more space between your text and the pictures

    why does no-one do something to change color on link over with the mouse. Its not good
  20. Chris Lord

    Chris Lord Senior Member

    Can you script the scroller to be as long as the browser width?

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