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My Online Portfolio

Hey guys. I am new to this so hello to everyone. I have just got together my portfolio. It is still in development as such but the base is in place now with a few select samples of my work.

I would love you guys to drop me some comments on both the site design and my work and let me know your thoughts both good and bad.

The Professional Portfolio Of Nicky Lock

Thanks in advance!


Staff member
its flash - I hate flash sites unless they really are worth doing in flash (ie fancy stuff) and yours could pretty much have been done in html in my view

Coming soon sections, why have the section if there isn't anything to show, even more irritating for me as its in my field of product design.

The site doesn't seem to scroll on my pc (firefox 3), but that could just be mine.

I don't like the orange dots in the titles.

As a whole the site just seemed like too much hard work and after literally a couple of clicks I wanted to leave. Sorry. As to the work, can't really comment due to the fact the site was annoying me too much.


Senior Member
I'm sorry here but I have to agree with Levi.

It's just not particularly needed- people think that Flash will make them look amazing, but there's no point in one (as Levi said) unless it can't be pulled off with code...
Thanks guys i appreciate your comments. A html version is on the way. I understand your irritations with flash. As I say things are still in development. I hope you can see past this.



Senior Member
Did you really need flash for this?

About the design, I like the background and your top left and bottom right corner decorations. Just think you need to figure something else out for the nav and content.
Hi Nicky,

Welcome to the forums!

I must admit I'm not a big fan of Flash either. And as the previous posters mentioned this site could have been done with HTML instead. If you really want to keep the animation in the top left and the mouse over effects why not just have that as Flash (perhaps without looping the animation as I personally find it very distracting and unnecessary) and the rest of the site in HTML?

All the images in your portfolio look really unsharp and jaggy to me?

I like the color scheme and certain elements of the site though and I think it has potential. And as you said it's a work in progress.

Hope that helps in some way!