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My new folio


Junior Member
Cheers Brendan, if you click the thumbnails they do take you to a larger view, do you mean you'd like to see them larger again?



Active Member
Hi Pete,

I like it, nice and clean/simple, and puts the focus on your work, and I like the fact each piece of work has a short description. Also really like the name and domain name you have for the site.

The one thing that bothers me about the site is that all the URL's seem to be masked by the main domain? As it's not a flash site seems strange to do this, as once I'd clicked on a piece of work I instantly done a right button click to go back to the previous page to look at some more but was prevented as no back/forward options were available? I know you have the prev/next links in top right of the pages which works well, but for usability and SEO reasons I would think it'd be a good thing to have a unique URL for each page.

Welcome to Design Forums by the way! :)



Senior Member
Looks nice.

Not sure about Times - and it's kinda bust in Safari; the thumbnails display strangely and the animation isn't smooth.