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My iPhone has dementia.


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It's mental. As I was typing the following post out to ask any iPhone users for advice, the problem went away!

I have an iPhone 3GS running OS4.
I have a Linksys WKPC54G Wireless Router. (set up years ago on a PC I no longer own, I now have a Mac)

They used to play nice. Now the iPhone keeps telling me the password I enter is incorrect for the network. The iMac, iBook, and PS3 still have no bother connecting to the Wifi, so it's definitely a problem with the iPhone.

Before I downloaded OS4, my iPhone would take a while to decide it wanted to connect to the Wifi (I'd try it manually to be told "Unable to connect" and then leave it a few minutes to find it would connect automatically no bother!).

After installing OS4 it connected to the Wifi very quickly. Once. Now it asks for the password to then tell me it's wrong. Repeatedly. Since last night. And I know it's not!
!!! And as I finished writing, it connected! After all that typing I may as well post it anyway so... Anyone else had odd Wifi behaviour with their iPhones?


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Strange! Have you been able to test the iPhone with other Wifi networks? maybe it's a dodgy connection for any Wifi networks rather than the password for your home network?

Disclaimer: I know very little about iPhones.


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I've tested it on my mate's Wifi by accident. The password settings automatically synced onto it from having been on my iPod Touch. No problems.


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levi your post was about 3g cellular connection, most likely caused by late activation because of server demand on launch day.

it takes up to 24hrs any normal day but on a launch of an iphone upto 72hrs, espesh on at&t as they have the iphone full stop, whereas in uk there are 4 carriers.


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Seems to be a little more stable today, but it's still a bugger as it takes forever for it to "latch on" to the WiFi signal and keep hold of it! My iPod Touch was the same, yet all my other devices connect swift like a bunny. Very odd...
My iPhone just randomly disconnected a few weeks back, wouldn´t connect, then it would then disconnect whenever i opened safari or gmail, i posted on the apple forums and other people had the same problem but there was no response from an official, in the end after a few days it just fixed itself somehow.


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Is the connecting, password incorrect problem only happening at home?,

had a similar problem with Mac computer, turned out to be ip conflicts as other devices using the same router. Have also read somewhere that if you put a dollar sign ($) in front of the password this might help. Not sure if it will help with your specific problem though.


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Thanks I've tried that before, but no luck unfortunately. It's being a right bugger today, just will not connect and keeps asking for the password over and over and over and over......


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Check if any 'downloads' music or otherwise or 'app updates' have completed fully? via Sync, iTunes.

Also reset 'Network Settings'

or Reset/Restore iPhone as mentioned I guess!


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Nothing knocked off about it Typo ya muck-spreader! Well, my iPhone has stopped working with the WiFi completely now. It never connects and consistently refuses the password. So I pressed the Reset Network Settings button. Guess what, it STILL won't work!

And the old 1st iPod Touch that hasn't been Sync'd in months works perfectly, but only with Safari, refusing to connect when using Mail or YouTube.

I may try resetting the whole bloody thing... which will be pretty annoying.
In my house we have 2 iPod Touches, I iPhone and a G4 Powerbook on the network.
The touches and iPhone are all updated to OS4. I use Apple Airport Extreme for wifi
All works fine.
Which is nice.

I'd go for a COMPLETE reset or maybe try restarting the router. The problem maybe at that end.
Is your G4 iBook connecting up ok?


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The iBook, iPod Touch, and PS3 all connect no problem. I can't mess on with the router anyway, there's no Mac software for it. It just carries on with the settings I set up yeeears ago on another machine.