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My first go at a logo...


The company I'm working for is going under a rebranding. They are a publishing company but are starting to be more involved with new media (although the company's main arm will stay publishing).

I've had a good at designing a logo for them, my first go at a logo! Any who, could you take a look to let me know if its any good or just total pants ;)

Here's my attempt.
The old ones here.

Any ways I could improve are welcome. I haven't used any colour with this concept, so suggestions welcome.

Thanks all. Be as harsh as you like :)


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Hey andy, I think in some ways its an improvement on the old logo and in other ways a step backwards, To eleborate on that point: a logo needs to convey a brand, and a brand needs an identity - enter brand identity design, Their previous logo however weak has ties to the printing industry (cmyk colours) so it helps convey a message from the start.

Your logo, is pretier but it could be an ink cartridge shop or a film studio? Im not saying you need to spell it out and make it obvious, think of it as a clue or hint.

Also, I like the curves cut into "ink" on your logo, however it would be great if you could encoperate the lettering beneith into it rather than just random curves.

IMO the best logos are the ones that you think thats clever, but not over complicated - Find a way to link ink and media together and convery a hint that its a print company and you've cracked it.

Someone on this forum posted this link which may help you out
Logo Design Love
@br3n Thanks for taking the time to put together some great advice. I'll take your comments on board and see what I can do. Yeah I know of this site, Thanks again.


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Hi Andy,

I can see Brendan has picked up on the printing aspect of the company logos, my question would be what's more important for them to market printing or publishing? (as that obviously formed a large element of their existing/old logo)

With the new name you've obviously lost the word 'publishing', I think it would be good to have the cut-outs from the bottom of the i, n and k, representing the publishing as well as presumably the idea of ink being applied... so as an idea with the curved cut outs, you could add some smaller lines in the same shape of the curve as if there are two open books at the bottom (this might have been the idea you was going for already, but I think some small detailing to make it more obvious that there are two open books might work well?)

Hope that helps and look forward to seeing them develop :)
Thanks, Greg
@greg they are defiantly about the publishing, printing doesn't matter at all really. Yeah I was going for making them look like open books but added the circles to make it look like they could be the end of a fountain pen (guess that wasn't that obvious/pants). It still needs some love so I'll have a crack at it later today and I'll let you know how I get on...
I think this is pretty good. It needs some finessing, but it's certainly an improvement on their previous one. I got the fountain pen nibs immediately (they're pretty obvious to me), and I like the contrast of weights in the letter forms. My only real gripe is that I don't think you need both pen nibs. For me, having two takes a clever and subtle idea and crams it down your throat just in case you didn't get it the first time round.


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I didn't pick up on the ink nibs until I read about them. I think it is a very strong logo, its more contemporary than the previous. I just think there still needs to be that tie to the publishing side of things as well as the new media. Also, and I'm not sure why, but the dot on top of the 'i' is annoying me haha :p
@matt yeah cheers mate, I toyed with just having one, I'll look at this again and see what I get. You got the fountain pens thing, Yay! lol

@sim yeah I agree that it still needs to be more on the publishing side.I'll have a look at it with the dot removed too ;)


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andyshaw said:
@greg they are defiantly about the publishing, printing doesn't matter at all really. Yeah I was going for making them look like open books but added the circles to make it look like they could be the end of a fountain pen (guess that wasn't that obvious/pants)
Sorry Andy, I did see the fountain pen nibs, I just didn't mention it! Sorry I should have done :) The only other thing I thought about since, was the weight of the text for 'Publishing' at a smaller size will that still be legible? (Not sure how small the logo might be needed to go for its various applications?)

Cheers Greg, appreciated. Not really had a chance to do any more on it today been working on a website re-design (going to put up in a different thread soon, for a lil feedback). May have a play tonight though.