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My English teacher is a retard!


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Okay, so we have to read the first two chapters of Animal Farm by tomorrow. Easy.
But we have to look up all the difficult words in Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary :confused:

Well, being raised bilingual, like 90% of the "difficult" words I already know. So I asked him if I could explain the words by myself. He said no, I want to see that you've spent time on this assignment, if you give a definition that's NOT literally copied from The Free Dictionary, you get no points on that word.

Okay, so I managed to get a word list from one of my classmates (we can use the list on the test) because, well, how do I know which words my classmates or my teacher might consider "difficult" and that could be asked on the test.

So this infamous word list is six pages long full of definitions, literally copied from that stupid site. There is no way in hell I can find back a word in that list quicker than I can come up with a definition myself. So is there any way I can alphabetize this list easily? My idea was to somehow trick Word (or possibly a browser with some nifty PHP) to only alphabetize on the first word, but still copy the entire definition with that word.

Oh, and this assignment is by tomorrow so I'm not gonna pull any crazy stunts that will cost me hours of work. :p



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try using word to convert to a table and then (copying over to excel if needed) and sort alphabetically


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Now I have to do the same for chapters 3 and 4...
It's starting to look like I'm gonna have to do this for the effin entire book :< :< :<
Wait a minute... is that my avatar again?!

Edit - I guess you must have got in there first, surely no one has this avatar?!

Good luck with the work btw.

Never try to teach something to a teacher ;)


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Let me get this straight: Your teacher set an assignment that requires you to show that you know how to surf the web and then copy & paste? No wonder standards are slipping!

Frankly, I'd report him for laziness :)