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My Designs!


Sean Lee-Amies

Hi Mati, are you looking for feedback? Are you considering graphic design as a career? How much have you learnt about it all, in terms of software, theory, studies of good graphic design etc?
The Edward MacGyver little arrangement is a stroke of genius. It would be cool if you could some how put a really subtle lens flare traveling across the text. I'd love to see this develop into something magical. Keep it up.

Do you think you could do something similar with this picture of Larry and replace the guns for thumbs?



New Member
I've first watched youtube tutorials, when i Learned something i've started to make tutorials and signatures/banners for people :)
I Am graphic designer about 2 years :p
Balders i will try to edit it :)


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YouTube is one of the best things about the internet. I can literally spend a day just watching stuff.
What is the going rate for an animated gif signature?


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Jordan said:
Not like you to be stuck for words Levi? :eek:
that wasn't quite what I meant when I said that..... I want to help grow the membership on this forum just like everyone else :)

Tony Hardy

This is how I got started in design too. Making game tags for people. I would post some old examples of mine, but they were terrible, and I was an idiot!

Sean Lee-Amies

I'm just going to say what needs to be said.
Mati, I apologise if you are offended by the following, but it needs to be said. Your designs are not very good. They look out dated and ignore pretty much every good design rule. I get the feeling that people have told you otherwise, but please take this on board, from a community of designers. I wouldn't tell people that you've been a graphic designer for two years either, as it implies that you've been living off of the income provided by your graphic design for that amount of time, correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe that to be the case. Now that we've got that out the way, let's focus on the good!
As Tony says, and I completely agree with this, everyone has to start somewhere. I think it's great that you're doing forum signatures, it's one of many good ways to start out your design career. However, if you want to make something real out of it, then you have to understand what level you're currently at and what you need to do in order to progress and advance your abilities and career. That requires a lot of level headedness, willingness to accept criticism but more importantly a real desire to succeed! I reckon you've got all of that and more and I'd love to see you progress as this is clearly something you love doing!
If I have understood this situation correctly, and it goes to plan, I imagine you'll have a number of questions to ask regarding your designs and what to do next. Please ask away and we'll all be more than happy to give you the advice that you want! :)

Sean Lee-Amies

I don't think it's about being nice or not, it's just the truth and I'm trying to help him progress. But it's no problem, well done Levi, I didn't think you could do it :D
Yeah, I'd have a think about the sort of design you'd like to be involved with (i.e. logos? Brochures? Website layouts?) and find examples that you like the look of. See which elements you like and try to learn techniques to help you recreate similar styles and so on - I always think that's a good way of developing the applicable skills.
Obviously you're not looking to imitate if you're working commercially, but for learning techniques and skills it works. Couple it with reading up on the more theoretical aspects of design too.


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The way I learnt originally was to study other designers work and see what they were doing - copy their work, try and make it better. I'm not saying copy it and claim it as your own, just as you're learning its a good basis to improve and see trends etc.
First time I touch any design software was two years ago too, always learning and improving, if you have the desire to learn you will.

Sean Lee-Amies

That's how I learned too, by looking at other peoples work and developing the techniques required to achieve the same effects. Along with a metric crap load of tutorials from just about anywhere I could find. We've got a thread on that some where..!
But something else I learned to do, which has been massively invaluable was learning to sketch/draw. I'm not great at sketching or drawing by any stretch of the imagination but I've got the basics down and it's been really helpful in my design work.


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I have been sketching since I can remember (Starting off on my parents new pine doors when I was about 3 years old) Sketching is important for sure, well it is for me.
Designing signatures is a top way to get in to learning about design elements. Designed quite a few when I used to frequent design forums more often. Spending time on this forum is another decent start in learning what is possible through great graphic design. From @shaunalynn absurdly good hand drawn typography to @GibbonIT splendid branding work. The more you dig around online the more you'll figure out which way you'd like to take your design work. There really are of elements to learn about, with from use of typography with weight, colour, choice of font leading in to letterspacing and line spacing to layouts, grids and structure being a few of my favourite elements.
You should let what Sean wrote inspire you to look at more and design more then gain feedback, it was great advice, so certainly dont let it put you off. If you did, then you'd end up going the route of a much more boring and less satisfying career doing something else. And that just wouldn't be fun at all. Ha.