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My Dark Twisted Fantasy

So one of my school projects was doing CD Cover Art. I chose Kanye Wests new album, which tells of his story and how is famous-ness has transformed him into a monster. I also looked into a re-occuring theme of his albums and chose his teddy bear mascot as inspiration of his monstrosity. The lime green is a placeholder to help in my coloring, as currently a background eludes me. But I would like to hear your criticism, especially if you are a Kanye fan!

EDIT: Not sure why, but kanyes skin color is MUCH darker in this preview than it is in photoshop. Illustrator was used for linework, Photoshop for coloring.


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could be different here compared to your photoshop file because its a cmyk image. If you converted it to RGB before you uploaded it then you would get a much closer match.
Thats something I thought of, but when I uploaded the picture to facebook the colors are the same as photoshop. Maybe imageshack has something to do with it? Regardless, any comments on the actual piece itself?


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Personally I think it could be Stronger, but some people just walked past and I Heard ’Em Say they liked it. And although design wise it probably wouldn’t Touch the Sky, I think if you develop a New Workout Plan in terms of creativity, when it comes to grades you’ll be able to push Through the Wire and Get em High, and hopeful it won’t All Fall Down. Any way all the best with it, you’ve Never Let me Down before and remember to eat you conserves quickly as there’s nothing worse than Slow Jamz.
I guessed as much its just I haven't a clue who Kanye West is let alone his lyrics!

Back on topic...try to put in a little more expression and varied the line weights. The lips need some work. Like it though.
try to put in a little more expression and varied the line weights. The lips need some work
Thanks. I plan on going back and working on coloring and a few of the lines with my tablet, which was not available when I was doing this rough sketch/idea
I've never even used a graphics tablet, I couldn't imagine trying to get my head around one!

kurtis - I quite like it but I too think it needs a bit of work on the linework, tidy up some of the curves/angles a little. Would be good to see it finished. :)


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Try to add more depth to the colour using shading and highlights (like you did on the right eye), don't go overboard though.
I like the initial idea. Maybe you could try mixing the two images more organically than with a line down the middle? Perhaps showing the transition to monstrosity as not always being immediately obvious?

If it were me, doing CD cover ART, I'd be tempted to leave the mouse alone for a moment and try sketching Kanye on stage or something but as a monstrous teddy bear... with torn bits of fluff and stuffing popping out. Even if it's not the best drawing in the world (not sure what your skills are) it might look more natural, especially if you back it up with some strong photoshoppery. Or you could take such a sketch and work it into vectors.

I like the concept. I just think there are more imaginative ways to show a monstrous side to someone, especially if you have teddy bear imagery to use! Here's a nice example:

Jim, thanks for the in-depth comments I'll reconsider what I've got there and take it all into account :) I will be updating this with a more-finished copy soon. More shading/coloring is on the way, this was a simple 3 hour rough idea.
3 hours is enough time to colour and shade the image.....
Of regular time yes, this was done in-class which meant frequent interruptions from classmates, teachers, lessons/sidenotes. Also, I spent some of that time creating the rough sketch on paper, choosing palettes, and looking at kanyes old album work.