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my company logo critique


Junior Member
I am opening my own design firm. My target audience is small business owners mainly but yet still appeal to big business. I want a friendly and approachable look yet still bleed professionalism. Please let me know what you think


Paul Murray

Staff member
They're all pretty nice.

I think I prefer number 7 but I'd like a bit of context/background on each of the designs. Why a frog in number 2 for example?
Paul's right, there's no real meaning as to why you have done each design, what's the theme behind them? you have too many different ideas that don't really bare any resemblance apart from one or two. Personally I like number 7 as a lot can be done in terms of other imagery using the megaphone. With that you could develop it into something the the word "brandmate" coming out of the megaphone for example in an illustrated way, that one to me has some meaning behind it


Junior Member
1,3,4-When i originally thought of the name it reminded me of the 50's and milk and other drinks you consume. I wanted to give it a retro look that was fun and would be approachable with small business. Also with the retro look for me personally when i think of the 50's branding it says branding to me its very distinctive. I also felt that it was something a little different from everything else out there.

2-the frog symbolizes
* Luck
* Purity
* Rebirth
* Renewal
* Healing
* Metamorphosis
* Transitions
* Dreaming
* Opportunity
* Intermediary

5- i wanted to play with the thought of making everything flow and work together without interruption. i feel that this mark could stand alone with out the company name which would give me more options with the branding

6- this one i wanted to show that we see things differently, two normal shapes to any normal person a "b" to me also to illustrate creativity

7- with the megaphone, it is more of a statement of what we do. we project our clients voices or their brand and take maybe a quiet voice(or concept) and turn it into something people can really hear(or visualize)

8- to be honest with this one i was just experimenting but the finished product looked like 3 pantone sheets. which spoke to planning and developing

hope these explanations work for you please let me know if you have any more questions

thanks for taking a look
Personally I like the concept of #3. I think it gives an impression of saying ' Brandmate* ' with the * meaning there is a lot more to the brand than just the name, and also quite professional looking, aesthetically speaking, but would need further development.

I think #1 is a little boring, although does still look professional, and I think the #7 is too common of a logo.


1 7 or 8 for me. Although 1 does remind me of the Las Vegas sign, so it loses some points for originality. 7 doesn't seem to have much in common with design, more film director if anything.

8 I like because it looks good and looks like a colour swatch which you could easily colour to enhance the effect of the logo. However, it only shows the M at the bottom of the swatch which doesn't quite fit with the logo text.
Number 1 for me hands down. It's clear, concise and the rounded 'shield' background gives it an approachable feel which is highly relevant for the audience you are targeting.

Placed centrally at the top of your website, it will have a distinct and striking aesthetic.