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My Christmas Goose


Active Member
I had the ****tiest, most expensive piece of rubber for Christmas dinner. £30 of Tesco Goose that had as much meat as Victoria Beckham. This goose must have been raised in the Falklands as it was a tough as the climate. Thank God I bought a backup of Duck and Guinea Fowl. I'm donating my Goose carcass to the local council to used as a road humps to stop joy riders speeding thru local estates.

Dear Tesco... your Goose is ****.


Senior Member
This year was a treat for Christmas dinner. I had Cornish Hen, but for a glaze, mixed sage, thyme, and rosemarry into honey and broiled it. That along with three other side dishes and made for a decent meal.

Cornish Hens are tiny! But believe me, they are just about all I really need for a seasonal meal.:)