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My A Level Market Research


Junior Member
Hey guys :). Im currently doing my A levels and have to do some market research concerning a product I am designing for my product design A2 course. I am designing a desk/keyboard organiser which essentially attaches your keyboard and mouse mat together as well as providing comfort with a wrist pad and allowing you to charge your ipod via a connected Ipod dock (its basically for organisation to clean up cluttered desks)

I would greatly appreciate it if you could fill out this 10 question questionnaire for me because the product is aimed at designers mainly as well as general computer users and your input is therefore extremely beneficial to help me make it better :).

Thank you for your time :), Joe

Here is the link :rolleyes: Product Design Survey


Staff member
Done it and I think you'll my answer's as it will mess up your design I'd say :)

Just for reference - I use a wireless ms natural keyboard meaning adding in your 'power point' would mean I would need to run a cable over my desk........ oh and my background is product design.

In all honesty I would say the idea that you're trying to describe would actually make it worse for most people, it also doesn't take into account graphics tablets that most designers have/use.

If it was me I would revise your design into making a 'tray' for a media pc or a pc that is used with the 10ft interfaces as there is more need for this than what is ultimately going to be a tray to hold your stuff on your desk.


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Thanks for the feedback Levi, it will help trust me :). I know what you mean, it could end up being too bulky for most people and not fitting most keyboards so a tray would solve that problem too rather than a slot. My design is going to incorporate a tablet holder/tray, i was thinking of maybe a tablet tray on the same side as the mouse mat tray but both on the same peice and on opposite sides, this could then be rotated 360 so the user can flip the side mousemat/tablet tray while it is still attached to the keyboard tray. (sorry if you cant get the picture im not great at describing it).

Cheers for the feedback again guys, seeing as im not too familiar with designers and their workstations im not too sure on what guys are using etc so hearing from people who know whats good and not is real helpful :).