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Multiple Label Design Required

I am looking for labels designed for a fishing bait company. Basically we have 3 different ranges called Tri-Sweet, RedStench and The Abyss and have 4 products in each range so will need labels for each. So 3 designs and 4 differences in each design.

Corkball Pop-Ups
Boosted Hookbait

Label measurements need to be as follows.
Boilie label = 80mm width x 80mm height
Corkball pop up label = 66mm width x 28mm height
Boosted hookbait label = 66m width x 28mm height
Glug label = 50mm width x 50mm width

Sizes are approx so can be adjusted slightly if need be.
Our website is www.munchbaits.com if you wanted to see what we done and my email is munchbaits@hotmail.co.uk

Have put a picture which might explain it better. can you pleaseee help me and email me on munchbaits@hotmail.co.uk with ideas. We wanted something bright and eye catching

Many thanks,