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Movies...best one lately

So what's the best film you've seen recently.
It seems an age since I made a visit to our local flea pit movie house.

Any recommendations....:)

DVD's too.


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'Pan's Labyrinth' is always a good shout for a DVD suggestion.
'Lucky Number Slevin' is cool too.

Maybe try a boxset too, I've been binging on 'The West Wing' lately. I love it!

As for the cinema, I think 'Avatar' is going to be worth a look, and 'Shelock Holmes' might be interesting even if it is, only, to see how Guy Ritchie will spoil on of my favourite literary characters.


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ok if you're open to a little eastern/asian cinema and anime series (in italic) then
azumi 1 and 2
deathnote live action movies
the twilight samurai
final fantasy advent children (blu ray has extended scenes) - fantastic cgi movie
appleseed (2005 version) and appleseed ex machina - both fantastic cgi movies
vexille - brilliant cgi movie
eureka seven - psalm of planets (2 box sets for 50 episodes) and a reimagined version called pocket full of rainbows (not out in UK yet) - mecha and slice of life
fate stay night - slice of life with slice and dice with touches of magic
claymore - slice of life with slice and dice
rahxephon - more for the thinking type of person, it's not the simplest of series to understand but its good if you can get to grips with it.
toppen tengan gurren lagann - over the top mecha/slice of life series - just watch it if you like anime :)
tsubasa chronicles - classic help the woman you love series
black lagoon - this is a kind of black comedy I suppose, its very good in my opinion though


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br3n said:
No your all wrong. Its bad. Very bad. get some taste!
peope get killed brutally, explosions, well paced, good dialogue, why is that bad? to be honest i know alot of people who hated it, best negative arguement was, its trying to hard, but isnt good enough. I agree, but thought it was a great popcorn movie!
Just got the Hangover on dvd. Its definitely worth a watch - reeeally funny!

Plus, i got State of Play as well - also worth a watch

I personally am looking forward to Avatar!! Going to go and see it the day it comes out i think. Most expensive movie ever made.