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Movie Scene/Shot suggestion?


(As some of you may know i am studying a number of art/design subjects at uni at the moment. So i basically work off briefs)

OK so a little birdy told me i will be getting an assignment shortly for a 'photography and art direction' module. I am kind of guessing this is what it will be;

put yourself in the 'Art Directors' shoes (This is what i will be marked on mainly, as well as photography)
1. pick a scene from any movie of your choice.
2. recreate the chosen scene in a studio using props, models, equipment...etc
3. Use various lighting techniques to communicate mood/tone and emotion.
4. finished result; A photography piece/ collection of images

Unfortunately i cannot give too much information as i haven't actually had the brief yet! but i am going to try and use this to my advantage and take a head start.

so my first move is to research movie scenes that i think will work well relating to the brief.

Thanks, Josella


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This will work best if you use a movie YOU like, as you will have had a personal reaction to the scenes in it.
The project will be stronger if it is fuelled by your own connection to the content.

Also, try to think about going for something visually striking, but relatively simple to replicate. For example, you've no chance at duplicating the high-flying web-slinging scenes in Spider-man, but the upside-down kiss scene or climbing up a wall would be relatively low-tech. Just remember batman and robin going up the wall in the 60s!

I'm not saying you should do anything gimmicky or cheesy, but you can do clever things with just a few props.

yes thankyou for that jimlad!

Unfortunately have to be careful with my pennies being a student, so i need to pick something fairly easy and cheap to replicate props wise, i agree.

two scenes that came to mind straight away, and some of my favorite movie scenes-;
Breakfast at tiffs- Audry Hepburn looking through the window with sunglasses on..
Goodfellas- the 'funny' scene, crowd of smartly suited wise guys around the table
Kill Bill- Uma Therman being buried alive in a coffin
Enter the Dragon- Fight Scene at the end, Numerous Mirrors, Slashed chest.

The Last 2 might seem too adventurous, but i want to be creative, are these ideas too cliché?

As you can see i really need some help! I'm only just recently getting into movies this year. so i don't know many good scenes.
So if there are any film boffins on here feel free to suggest some exciting scenes/shots.
All will be much much much appreciated.

This may not be up your street and you may have not seen the movie (I havent because its impossible to download and the DVD is like £32)

It's a french movie made in the 60's called "Who are you Polly Magoo" and it is very visually pleasing :)

who are you polly maggoo - Google Search

Not even sure if this even helps but I absolutley adore the stills from the movie and would definitley try to recreate this.. you can find some clips from the movie on youtube also.

If you need a model ;) ha
Good luck chicken and looking forward to seeing your ideas and outcome! xxx

PS: If you need photographers and makeup, email me on FB and I'll point you in the right direction/help


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Here's a few ideas that sprung to mind (fun brief btw)...

The Shining, possibly one of the most iconic images from cinema?

The Matrix bullet time, obviously a huge technical leap, so recreating that might be fun?!
(With the top image I'm sure you could hide a chair in the jacket for the support?! :D)

Casablanca (Here's looking at you kid) Good for costume props and lighting?
First of all
Greg: OH.MY.GOD.....Thanks for totally scaring the hell out of me as i scrolled down! 'The Shining' completley freaks me out! haha but it could be an amazing piece! appreciate the suggestions.
'The matrix' scene looks so much fun too!

Hippy; I'm loooving edie sedgwick ALOT! i
really wanted to do something 60s! but i need to research films and actresses from the era (my homework this week)
I have checked some of Edie Sedgwick's photos out and they are absolutely beautiful!
Oh as for Polly Magoo. thanks for the link, i am having trouble finding scenes of the film (if i do end up choosing this i'll buy it and lend it u) ;)
These stills are stunning!

OOH im very excited for this! Thankyou for getting the ball rolling peeps,I will keep you posted on my further ideas and development in the next month or so.



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Josella said:
Greg: OH.MY.GOD.....Thanks for totally scaring the hell out of me as i scrolled down! 'The Shining' completley freaks me out! haha but it could be an amazing piece! appreciate the suggestions.
'The matrix' scene looks so much fun too!
No problem!
It's what I'm here for, that and clearing out the spam (nod)

& 60s? Lucky you Psycho just fits into that decade...
Don't worry I won't post that image!
Hippy i am looking into it. Researching the 60s era as we speak !
Oh and yeah i'd go ahead and buy the expensive DVD! worth the pennies if you like it that much :)


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suggestion as to keeping pennies cheap :)

There's nothing to say you have to use full size props, you could do a macro photo approach and work with lego models (this is kind of in vogue at the moment) or similar instead. You could also do matchbox cars and one of those map playmats for a 'chase' scene from something like transporter :)

The brief is open to interpretation so don't necessarily take it so literal :)


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Jimlad said:
Model city + Gorilla costume. All I'm saying.
I like it or you could use a gorilla cuddly toy and some toy planes - use grainy black and white to give that old vibe and jobs done :up: