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Mouse Suggestions?



Cool... so along with just about everything else, my mouse is now starting to pack up. Unfortunately it's a Razer Naga mouse and their policy is no receipt, no warranty/replacement/anything great. I've had it about a year and it was given to me by brother so no receipt. I'm quite annoyed... this isn't a cheap mouse so I did expect it to last quite a bit longer to be honest.. Oh well lesson learned..

What mice are you guys using, any that are good in the technical department and built to last for around £35?

I note that the Logitech Wireless Performance Mouse MX comes quite highly rated from numerous sources... anyone have it?


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I also had a problem with a Razer after the right click stopped working so I gave it to a friend to use with his Mac book, as he could still right click by cmd+left clicking.

I'm a big fan of the ergonoic MX Performance. It's a little pricier than £35 but it's a lot of mouse for your money. Uber-tech means it tracks on glass, just like old school roller balls and you can recharge it whilst using it.

It's not without it's issues though. The battery life of the mouse is monitored by the OS but you only get a notification to recharge when the battery life is "critical". You can plug in any micro usb to charge it but then you do loose the freedom of having a wireless mouse.

I've had mine for over two years and it ultimately replaces my graphics tablet as it is so accurate.

p.s. I've also dropped it several times with no adverse affects.


Do most graphic designers work on glass desks or something? I guess my wooden one just isn't cutting it then, haha.

I'm actually not fussed about wireless, I have always preferred wired due to them not throwing fits so often (apart from this one I guess) so I've no issue with it being wired :) A review I read said that a full charge would see you through about 2 days of heavy usage, would you agree with that?

I'm happy to pay a bit more if it's going to last at least a couple of years. Thanks for giving your opinion, I probably will go with this one unless anyone else has any other suggestions?


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Grab a Microsoft one, seriously no joke, they have some of the best quality mice (and keyboards) on the market, pick the one that takes your fancy although I'd suggest going to pcworld and trying them before buying online :)

Personally I use an intellimouse explorer 2 (wireless), £20 at amazon. This is the second one I've had, the first one lasted a good 4 years before the rubber on the click wheel broke off. Uses normal aa batteries (I use rechargeable) which usually last me a good week plus of pretty heavy usage.

Had a logitech and it lasted all of 6 months before the charging cable to the dock broke (similar to the ipod cable fraying issue)... wasn't impressed as it cost nearly 70 quid :rolleyes:


So my mouse just packed up completely... it simply wouldn't move at all. It did right click though, so I went and tried it on another computer and whadda ya know.. it works fine. *grumble grumble*

I uninstalled all the razer drivers and let windows update do it's thing (for about the third time now) and it seems to be working. I also tried a couple of different USB ports, so something else is probably on it's way out too, lol.

Recently it seems to work for about half an hour - hour and then start becoming unresponsive again so I will probably be back soon to complain some more. I will consider that mouse you recommended Levi, thanks for that.


It's still working fine.. I'm inclined to believe it's the USB sockets as the mouse works fine on the other computer... This is less of a problem because I'm planning on getting a new computer anyway. I wish I hadn't been so cruel to my mouse now... violence certainly won't have helped in this situation!! :(


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I'm using an apple wireless magic mouse. The touch-scrolling is an improvement over the mighty mouse's dodgy little scroll ball, but I miss the buttons on the side as I used to have them programmed for Exposé.


That little ball, yeah I used it once when I was working with someone on another project.. it did feel pretty good to use, I can't deny that.