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mountain lion fail


Senior Member
don't know if you guys have heard of this, but it made me laugh so i thought i'd give Levi some 'PCs are better' ammo for later down the line! ;)

if you're running Mountain Lion, start typing anywhere, in any app, 'File :///' (without the space) and watch the app crash!
easy way to hide games at work i guess?


Staff member
yeah I read about it but I'm pretty sure you can do the same sort of thing in windows by hiding the 'alt+f4' command in the script etc so I just say it's one of the little quirks that gets missed or can be misused.


Senior Member
it's definitely not deliberate... haha
my Messages app on Mac won't open now. text a friend with the code and each time it tries to load up it crashes.

can someone type in File: /// (without the space)? i want to see if it closes even if the user doesn't type it...? :)