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Morrisons Supermarket Scam


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just thought I'd post this rant over errors in Morrisons etc. Also sent a letter to the Morrison CEO telling him Ive now put the problem online. Dont mess the Bear!

Rant Off

Over the years Morrisons have really got under my skin. And it’s the same age old problem again and again. It happens with such consistant regularity I have to now believe it’s it actually enforced company policy from management. So what has got me so riled? Simple, It’s the special offers that are not as special as we think they are. Next time you see a giant Buy One Get One Free, or Half Price yellow shelf or promotion sticker just double check the product you pop into the basket as there is a fair chance that specific one that is staring out at you from the shelf is not on offer. After so many complaints to Morrisons and the manager, i should have my own office there. The excuse is always the same - some student part-timer has put the wrong product that is not on offer their by mistake. As Morrisons whole marketing strategy is based on Offers, then surely they should take more care in this activity. I genuinely believe this is PRE -CONCEIVED DELIBERATE DECEPTION by the Managers of Morrisons. Not many customers check the reciepts, unless they are me of course. I do that because past experience tells me I can not TRUST Morrisons.
Recently I informed Trading Standards of an pricing issue that I informed the Tynemouth Morrisons Manager Sean Clarkson of. His comment to me was “Is that what you do, go around and find all the mispriced items” I wish I had that luxury Sean, but all I do is check my receipt and see errors. Trading Standards did find that Morrisons had mispriced the products. Yesterday the wife got some Buy One Get One Free Olives, that upon inspection of the reciept did not register. After raising this point after seeing one of the Managers at Tynemouth Morrisons -It may or may not have been Sean Clarkson, I can’t say. They said they would investigate the issue, at the same time leaving the product and point of sale active for other mugs to purchase. She was actually told by the Manager that “MAYBE MORRISON’S ISN”T THE SHOP FOR YOU” Excuse me! Just because we discover your little scams and highlight it, are you going to ban us? Ultimately the Store Manager Sean Clarkson is responsible for his department heads getting the promotional pricing correct, and it is their responsibilty to ensure that whoever they instruct to do this does it correctly. Don’t pass the blame on to some invisible unnamed shelf stacker that can never be found or held accountable.
Multiply the errors in one store by 400 stores on a daily basis and their is BIG money in duping the Morrison customers. If every customer had a small ‘hidden’ 49p error on each basket, that soon adds up to a tidy corporate profit. I think this is DELIBERATE DECEPTION & FRAUD on Morrisons’s behalf. I can’t believe that it is consistant bad store management. If it is, either way Morrisons are in a bad business shape.
To demonstrate I’ve posted some pictures of other offers that feature wrong product positioning on shelves. Genuine mistake or Deliberate Money making Deception? the Latter I think!

an example of price and product descrepency.: The Nivea product behind the shelf label is in fact £4.79

I had a very similar incident in Morrissons last year when picking up a few things with my girlfriend. Although I didn't handle it so well...

I can't remember the exact details of the deal now, but it was the fresh fruit juices that were either on a BOGOF or a 2 for £2 or something, and shockingly enough the two that I picked, which were sitting directly behind the sign, didn't scan as such. This was the last in a long line of "mistakes" like this in the Ayr branch.

It ended with me dragging the women (not physically) to the shelf ad showing her what the signs said, and then arguing with her, another checkout operator and the Supervisor at the time (no Manager was available). I lost it told them all to go **** themselves and didn't set foot back in the place for a year.

No sad loss, the place is a dive. They took over a fairly new Safeways branch in Ayr, that was pretty modern looking and turned it into some 1970's yellow and red monstrosity. Their meat and fresh produce is crap anyway.

I found it rather telling that one of my Dad's friends who was the Area Manager for Safeway's and then obviously Morrissons after the takeover left because he thought they were terrible.


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I've never actually had a problem like that at Morrisons but I have had a similar experience at Sainsbury's, buy one get one free on Pizza Express pizzas but not the ones i'd picked up, that were behind the offer label...got my money back though, no way was I paying £8 for two pizzas!


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feel free to copy and post your comments on my rant site, I'd love to get some momentum going to shake the corporate tree of these retailers.


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I love Morrisons though. There's a big one near my missus' place that we always go to. Deli is great (meats and cheeses for when I make her continental breakfasts in bed :p ), fresh bread is spot on and they have an awesome booze section. If there was one near me it'd be my supermarket of choice no question!


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Only ever been in Morrisons for the salad bar, which is always the same price, so I know where I am!

I remember back in the old Tesco days, as they used to have the promise that if a product was priced wrong they'd double the difference back in a refund, ie the difference between price you paid and price it should have been. There was a guy who used to go round in a transit van to all the local stores, and knew which products were wrongly priced on the system, he used to spend 4-5 hours in store, firstly buying as much of these items as he could fit in a trolley, then the following few hours getting it all refunded with the double difference at customer services!! All the managers recognised him and there used to be calls around to the different local stores to warn them he was coming!! :D

By all accounts he did very well off the back of that scheme!
(Shame Morrisons doesn't have a similar price promise)
they are wan***s, i have made a shopping with a £15 excess because of that ****. Last time it happened i refunded everything. So i have a solution...........everytime i go shopping in M, i toss all the yellow stickers away. I urge you guys to do the same................just hide the freaking yellow sticker!:clap:
These big corps are dumb a** bullies.................just had a proper go at tesco car insurance though! I was going to cancel my stupid premium but they want cancellation fee and don't want to give me my deposit...............still. In the end shouting prevails..............am gonna get my remaining deposit and the cancellation has been waived!:up:


Have Watchdog actually done anything worthwhile recently? I didn't even know the show still was on :lol:

I think we should petition to get Berry to present an episode of Watchdog :lol:
I do not particularly watch the show but when I have seen it the companies involved usually reimburse or refund the parties involved to try and save face after being outed as being 'a little bit werrrr, a little weyyyy, a little bit whish whoosh whish'.

Of course unless you watched and remember The Fast Show that last bit wont make sense.
I've had the same thing at the same branch! ALLWAYS read through the receipt before you leave.
We have been caught out with the 'get one free' dodge a couple of times.
I too have complained to the management and was actually told that Tesco's would be better for me. I agreed.
Great way to run a company.


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Ohh post that one my site.
Are you of to Tesco's tonight? may see you up there.
But I really fancy winding Morrisons up more.