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Ok, so I designed some Business Cards and used moo.com for the print.
They weren't trimmed correctly!
So... this guide that they provide you with, where do they cut the card???

As I want my design to stop right on the edge and it wasnt on the edge on my old cards and it looked daft and all off centered!

Anyone help?



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they cut the card on the red dotted line, the orange should have your coloured edges extended into it (so if you have an all grey card then the grey should go into the orange). The green box is basically where you sling your text as its safe and shouldn't be cut off etc
Even if you go into the red they seem to trim it strangely though. I created a set for my sister that had a huuuge red border, well over the red dotted line and the "bleed". So err yeah :p

Send them an email and complain. I hear they're pretty good with money back etc.
Thats what I thought Levi.
So I did my background colour all through to the orang bit, then my design stopped at the top, bottom and left red dotted edge (right on the edge)
HOWEVER, they seem to have the left hand side right, but the top isnt on the edge and has a border and the bottom as some cut off!

I told them this and they said...
We're so sorry your cards did not come out as you hoped. I've checked your cropping and it seems you may not have allowed for extra image around the design.

MOO cards are cropped with 2mm bleed on each side. This bleed area is a disposable area that comes from your image and acts as a buffer when we cut them down. As cutting is never 100% accurate, you need to make sure that you use images that can be trimmed slightly on each side or it will look off centre.
So, do I leave a 2mm gap around my design, inside the red dotted line?

Stupid moo!


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No, you just design a business card the size of the bleeding area, but keep all the critical elements inside the safe area...


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your design should have been extended too (I'd class that as a background), anything that goes to the edges needs to be taken all the way into the bleed, my background was just a very simple example (so sorry if it confused)

Think of it another way, anything that isn't the text (or equivalent) needs to go into the bleed edge if you want it to do edge to edge printing. Any important stuff stays in the green area.
Ok.. image 01. is how I designed and uploaded my card.

Image 02 is how it was printed and sent to me.

Notice hoe the "e" is not on the edge and the bottom of the "b" is cut off, yet the left side is spot on.
So, in theory I must of kinda had it in the right position, its just cut wrong?

Please note, I do want all the edges to be RIGHT ON THE EDGE like the left side is!


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Should have went to Sarah at Printedeasy.com. Unless you know how to spec artwork up it pays to get a printer you can talk to.


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Berry, that looks like its a printing/cutting issue to me rather than the layout being wrong, it's following the guidelines perfectly.
It looks like the paper fed in a few mm out and as such the cropping is off, I'd be chasing up with Moo on that myself,


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I had some printed by printedeasy, delivered promptly and excellent quality 500x litho printed + matt laminated both sides - £46 BARGAIN! (almost feels like I stole them)
If they did different colours within one batch, a la moo, would be even better :p

Tis why I tend to use them, to print labels (minicards) and business cards for my sister's business so she can have a range of different products showing in one run


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moo will be digitally printed which means no plates need to be made for printing hense they can print more than one design at the same cost. They're not cheap though. 250 cards digitally printed normally around £20, they're offering 50 for £12.99.
*shrug* I like them, the minicards are perfect as labels for goods, and the quality of the postcards are fabulous. The business cards not so much though, but I can't see myself ever wanting more than 50 'cards at a time


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Becky said:
If they did different colours within one batch, a la moo, would be even better :p
I thought they did (albeit a round about way), I know they listed multiple name options (needed multiple names), so I can't see a reason why it couldn't be flipped so that the name is consistent and the backing is different but I suppose it depends on how the printing is being done.