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Monopoly Money


Junior Member
Hi there,

Part of my business involves running "race nights" for people. Under UK gambling laws you cannot gamble with real money hence I really could do with a template for a monopoly-style note onto which I can attach a monogram of the Bride & Groom.

Is there a download anywhere or some vector art I could use that anyone knows of?


Active Member
Why not create your own in vector format? It shouldn't take too long using step & repeat for the background patterns in Illustrator?


Senior Member
That looks a lot like a British pound note, Greg. You might not want to get caught with that file on your computer :p


Senior Member
Greg said:
Why not create your own in vector format? It wouldn't take long..

That took me about 5 mins, all it would need to complete it is a repeating background image/icon.
I'd buy that for a dollar!

Anyone get that?


Junior Member
God how easily we go off topic here!

Ok so yes you can gamble with real money, however at a private party you cannot :down:

So ok I will have a go at making my own money I guess. Thanks!